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Tengami Review

Tengami Review

Tengami is a new iOS game that has brought a unique twist of pop-up books with Japanese influences and was developed by Nyamyam, an independent game developer.


The game is a point & click game and the game started out as a mysteries character who was woken up.  In order to move from one place to another is to double tap an area that is accessible.  When the character is ready to move on to the next area, there is an indication on the screen that gently pulses.  To access the area, the swipe of a finger on the indication transitions to the next area with a cool pop-up feature found in pop-up books.  Certain objects and areas within the level also have the same gentle pulse that can be accessed with a swipe of a finger.  This also applied to puzzles that needed to be solved.


The graphics were really detailed with cool and warm colors that reflected the type of environments the character was in.  A night scene had a cool colors such as blue while a warmer scene had a warm colors of red. Texture could be seen that also gave the affect of certain types of papers.  Japanese architecture and structures, such as a Tori Gate, could be seen within certain areas.

Cool Colors


Warm Colors



Music within a game can set the atmosphere during gameplay and the music from Tengami has done it right.  Traditional Japanese music plays in the background as players progress through the game.  Besides traditional Japanese music, relaxation/ambient music such as a stream with birds chirping when the character arrived at a new area.  At certain areas of the game, the music transitioned to a calmer music that reflected the type of area the character was in.  For example, in an underground area, water droplets were heard with music that had an underground feeling to it.

The Good

The game is easy to play with the double tap feature to move from point A to point B.  The graphics and the music also added the feeling of immersion because wondering through an environment with mystery and surprises that will make any player difficult to put down.

The Bad

The character can only walk and can't run, it will take awhile for the character to get from one area to another without being able to run.  However, this will give enough time for the visuals to be appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Tengami is a wonderful mobile game that has traditional Japanese music as players progress through the colorful environment while solving puzzles.  This game is different then any other type of mobile games because of the pop-up book feature that added a fun way to interact with the game.  This shows that two people, who founded this video game company,  put a lot of effort and time to have developed a wonderful game that will be enjoyed by many people.  This game is for people who enjoy unique games with fun gameplay and appreciate people who develop videos games who have a passion for them.

Score 4/5

Tengami was released on February 20th, 2014 and is available now for iOS devices for the price of $4.99. It will also launch on Wii U eShop sometime in Q1 2014.
*Note - This game requires iOS 7.0 or later in order to play.

If you'd like more information about the game and news, here is the developers website.

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