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Smash Hit – Castle of Glass

Smash Hit - Castle of Glass
Smash Hit

It seems the simplest ideas stand alongside the classics as some of our most popular releases and game developer Mediocre has made no exception with their newest release, Smash Hit.


As an on-rail First Person Shooter, Smash Hit takes you on a journey through futuristic themed worlds where concentration, focus and timing are key to acquire the furthest distance possible by using the same principle for your target as also your obstacle.

Following along an automatic straight path, you must smash through glass obstacles with balls as ammunition you obtain from destroying mounted crystals scattered around both the ground and ceiling initially beginning with 25. Throughout 10 different levels, obstacles vary from pop up panels to spinning fans in tunnels with rewards from crystals changing through levels as well. Depending on the property of the crystal will determine how many extra balls you obtain such as 3 from pyramids, 5 from diamonds and 10 from stars.

Several power ups are also included in Smash Hit which will each give you a short amount of time to reap their benefits and aid you in whichever way you choose to use them. These include infinite ammunition, reduced speed (slowed time) and heightened strength and force. For an added bonus along with power ups, with continuous crystal gains, your ball count is multiplied for each throw so one could become two and two could become three but be warned, if you miss a crystal, you start back at the beginning.


As Smash Hit is so simple, the graphics are everything to match. Clean, precise and realistic to give the game life and thrill combined with some of the best destruction physics brought to mobile gaming.

Audio is definitely by far to be anything to be disappointed by either with music and audio effects changing to suit each new stage. Obstacles also move to each new tune giving us musically synchronized gameplay that is enough to bring feel to Smash Hit but not too much as to distract us from the task at hand.


What I loved about Smash Hit (and at the risk of repeating myself) is the fact that it is such a simple concept. Sometimes with simple games, it can get easy to get bored very quickly but Mediocre have done a great job to avoid that from happening and delivered an amazing product in the process.


Honestly, I don’t have much to fault with Smash Hit. It’s fluid, pretty and entertaining. The only thing would maybe be once you’ve played through a few times, you learn the layouts of each level and more challenges or even more levels instead of an endless mode might have been a good substitute.


Overall Smash Hit was a success for me. A really enjoyable game to keep you on your toes the whole way through.


I give Smash Hit



Smash Hit is currently available for free on iOS and Android platforms.

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  1. Date: September 19, 2014

    He revisado grandes cantidades de ocasiones sobre dicho asunto.
    De ningun modo tiende a serr demasiado original.
    Un post mediocre.

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