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LEGO Marvel Superheroes – Unique and Amazing

LEGO Marvel Superheroes – Unique and Amazing
LEGO Marvel Superheroes

With Marvel dominating our screens for the year of 2013 bringing out some killer productions, LEGO Marvel Superheroes seems to be no exception. LEGO’s 4th game to feature actual dialogue, the game brings our long time beloved Marvel universe characters to life in an exciting, fully explorable world along with the classic, witty humor of past LEGO releases.



LEGO Marvel Superheroes follows its own unique story line of which begins with the Silver Surfer, herald to the Fantastic 4’s ultimate nemesis Galactus, being chased through space by S.H.I.E.L.D with the help of Iron Man. Soon after the chase begins, Silver Surfer is knocked out of the sky by Doctor Doom sending his board crashing to the ground, shattering it into several “Cosmic Bricks”.

These bricks containing the immense power of the board, Doom and Loki forge an alliance and bands together all remaining Marvel villains with a plan to destroy the planet by combining the Cosmic Bricks into a weapon powerful enough to control the destructive eater of worlds. S.H.I.E.L.D learns of this evil plot and calls all heroes available to help thwart the master plan and as per usual, save the world.


With full control of over 100 playable characters, TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive have done extremely well to include a wide variety of the Marvel Universe into every level while making good use of character combination spanning duties evenly across all team members of each individual level. A great use of both Marvel comics and movies keeps the game interesting all the way through while maintaining LEGO’s patented witty banter between characters and narrators.

Interestingly so, TT Games seem to have honed their LEGO skills and made refreshing changes to their levels in the way of duration and amount of activities. Playing many LEGO games in the past, I’ve found it slightly tiresome playing through levels as they quite often dragged on and I got bored very quickly. Chapters through LEGO Marvel Superheroes however were shortened immensely, keeping me engaged while making me want to play more and more and more.

Apart from the initial story, there is also the option to free roam through the hub of a completely explorable NYC (New York City) and S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier of which you plot your own course to reveal more and more of the map and discovering all the different ways to access buildings which contain extra levels, complete challenges and races and attain various vehicles, gold bricks and characters.



For me the most impressive part of LEGO Marvel Superheroes, impeccable attention to detail was made throughout the design of the entire game, our series of saviours’ spans across the universes of the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4 and various others with every character having their own unique attacks and movements such as the Human Torch with his “Whirlwind of Fire” or Wolverine with his “Jump and Slash”. Voice actors for our characters included Nolan North, Troy Baker, Steven Bloom and even Stan Lee himself.

While our main locations (NYC and Helicarrier) serve as our hub, other small sites are scattered throughout the city. Some of which include Asgard as a playable level, X-Men Mansion, Daily Bugle and Stark Tower.


Honestly the majority of the game was amazing. It was funny, adventurous and risky but it all paid off. Taking on the entire Marvel Universe containing years of work and making it work as well as TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive was not easy but I give them huge props for doing such a great job. They treated the Marvel world with respect and did their research well taking into account the tiniest of details.



Now after that little rave, unfortunately no game is perfect and LEGO Marvel Superheroes is no exception. There was however only two things that I found highly inconvenient, one was the control system (especially while flying) and two, the focus on free roam. I’ll explain more. Firstly the control system was slightly jarring and touchy. Most of time, flying was a pain in the ass. Finding races and trying to complete them while navigating throughout the city was not at all easy. Flying, I actually found to be slightly less responsive than it should’ve been and when trying to make a turn, you would occasionally jar off to the side and suddenly come to a complete stop.

Secondly, the free roam. There was way too much focus on it, too little to do within the actual levels while most of the time and actual progress would be made during free play around New York City.



Every game has it quirks but LEGO Marvel Superheroes has been done justice and is a thoroughly enjoyable game. Loveable characters, funny dialogue and great gameplay to be loved by all.

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