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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The wait is over, it's finally here after months of waiting.  Players are able to play as their favorite Marvel super heroes instead of watching gameplay from E3 2013.  It has been a long wait, but in the end, its been worth it.

There have been many Marvel games in the past that allowed players to play as their favorite super heroes.  With this game, playing as a LEGO super hero is even cooler because we're seeing Marvel characters as LEGO mini-figures in action instead of being motionless with the real mini-figures.  The sight of seeing the characters in action while using their super powers brings the comic print action to life, even though they are mini-figures. Even Stan Lee himself makes an appearance in the game as he does in previous Marvel movies.  He is even playable character and putting him side by side with his creations is pretty cool to see.

Stan Lee LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes allows players to choose from a vast variety of Marvel characters and most of them aren't even available as LEGO mini-figures yet.  The selection of Marvel characters gives players the opportunity to replay levels with any character/s that they desire.  With the variety of characters to choose from, could there be a possibility of more Marvel mini-figures in the future for LEGO?

The game play is the same such as collecting LEGO pieces that can be found by destroying objects, which can be achieved by attacking it or using signature abilities.

Each Marvel character has their signature super power and/or ability, which makes switching between super heroes fun.  The controls are the same as with any previous LEGO game and using super powers is easy as pushing a button.  Any child who has played LEGO games before will be right at home.

The voice acting is good and the voice overs are well done. However, it would of been exciting to hear the actors and actresses who played the characters on the big screen by adding their voice talent to the mini-figurines.

As with any previous LEGO game, comedy relief returns with more entertaining moments for children and adults alike.  Its one of the features that LEGO has done right by bringing comedy to make things fun and enjoyable for any age.  The cut scenes in the game add another element of story telling.  Its kind of like watching The Avengers movie, but with more Marvel characters.  Seeing the different Marvel characters from different comics together and interacting with each other is a sight to see.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game 02


As with any previous LEGO game, the game play can be repetitive at times, destroying objects, collecting LEGO, and repeat.  However, the game play using super powers/abilities make up for this.

This game shouldn't be passed up by LEGO fans and Marvel fans because they will have a blast playing this game. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will bring out the joy of fans who enjoy LEGO and/or Marvel.  Non-LEGO fans and/or non-Marvel fans could also enjoy this game as well.

Score A+/A+


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  1. Date: October 23, 2013
    Author: JT

    This isn’t a review. A review is a critique, explains the games pros and cons. This is a puff piece and a sad one at that.

  2. Date: October 24, 2013
    Author: Rymoau

    great review. enjoying the game alot so far. :)

    • exceeding09
      Date: November 1, 2013
      Author: andrew-aoyama

      5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

      Thank you for the compliment and I’m glad to hear that.

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