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Draw a Stickman: EPIC- Create Your Adventurer!

Draw a Stickman: EPIC- Create Your Adventurer!
Draw a Stickman: EPIC

While I love formulaic games, that share similar graphics and game play to other popular titles, games that venture to do something new and innovative is always a great find.  Different is good.  Usually.  In Draw a Stickman: Epic, you get to create your own protagonist.


Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Draw a Stickman Epic could be compared to an adventure game, RPG, or puzzle game, but the unique drawing mechanic is unlike any game you've ever played before! From drawing a rain cloud for growing plants to drawing an axe for chopping down a gate, you control all aspects of your environment.

Explore diverse environments and encounter unusual creatures as you draw your way through 14 levels (plus a hidden bonus level)! With the non-linear game play, how you overcome one environment will determine which level you unlock next. Each level is filled with hidden secrets and achievements, offering hours and hours of replay value.


Grab a pencil and dive into the world of Epic!


You begin the adventure by drawing your character.  You only have four colors at you disposal, and no matter how skilled you are at drawing, it'll always end up looking like a preschooler drew your image.  Despite how it sounds, it's actually really adorable.

Then, you draw a friend, using only orange, and then give them a name.  Once you finish your primitive masterpieces, you are whisked into a book, where your adventures truly take place.  In the very beginning, your new, orange, companion is damseled, and the game becomes Draw a Stickman: Search for “insert your companion's name here”.  Nice.

In each stage you have a specific pencil to use.  It shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The first one you have to utilize is a red pencil, with a picture of fire on it.  As your character wobbles through the world, you can click on the pencil, which allows you to draw freely.  If you choose to draw a beautiful flame, or a haphazard scribble, this drawing will pulse, and animate, setting anything it touches on fire!


With this newly acquired power, you will be able to set doors ablaze, detonate dynamite, scorch rocks, and turn fluffy woodland animals to ash.  And that's only in the first stage.  As you progress through the storybook world, you'll gain a different pencil, like drawing clouds or ice, and many other combinations. These magical drawing instruments are your primary tool of solving the game's puzzles.

With fire, you'll need to set dynamite ablaze, in order to destroy boulders in your path.  Drawing a puffy cloud sends a gentle rain that causes plants and flowers to grow, allowing bees to safely land on them, so you can venture forth, without being stung.  And that same cloud, if colored in, casts thunder and lightning.  You'll have to interact with the environment, and thoughtfully learn where to draw, in order to figure out puzzles and lead your stickman forward.

Hidden in each level are puzzle pieces.  You'll need to interact with different areas, most often off the beaten path.  Drawing, and using your pens power, usually uncovers these hidden gems.  Once you gather enough, something amazing will happen!

Along with puzzle pieces, there are also little ghosts hidden in each level, as well.  As with the puzzle pieces, drawing on the specific areas of the environment causes these adorable, Adipose-looking beings to reveal themselves.  They carry a small orb, which grants you a new color.  These colors can be used to draw a more elaborate Stickman, so the more you find, the more detailed you can draw your character.

There are no lives or a health bar, but you can most certainly die.  There are creatures, and obstacles, like dragons or goblins, that can destroy you.  With only a few taps of the doodle-creatures, and your stick person is smeared into a red scribble!  After your sketchy demise, you must start the level over, and begin anew.


Ripped straight from a children's book, Draw a Stickman: EPIC has scribbled, 2D graphics.  The main protagonist looks as detailed, or stick like, as you want to make him/her.  The rest of the artwork follows the same, cartoony, look with trees, rocks, characters, and landscapes drawn with very little detail.

Your avatar doesn't really animate, but swivels around, like a sheet of paper flipping side to side.  Drawing items, like axes, fire, or ice, doesn't require any precision.  A scribble works just as well as the most intricate drawing.  Once drawn, objects have predetermined animations that play, no matter what form they take.


It has a great concept!  Using colored pencils, to draw certain elements?  Why has it never been done!  Maybe it has been, but it's the first time I've seen it utilized in a video game.  I feel like it took the idea, established in Scribblnauts, and took it a step forward, allowing you to truly create anything you want!  Almost.  Kind of.  Maybe, not really, but you do have a lot of freedom, and it's fun.  I kept drawing swords, dragons, and various types of magic.


The art, while childish and simple, is effective.  It creates a unique world, and really makes you feel like you're adventuring through a sketchbook.  So when you draw something crude, or very elaborate, it looks right at home among the other doodled segments of the environment.


The game froze during a few puzzles.  Once, while I was solving a puzzle, and again while I was trying to draw fire, during the first level.  The game stopped responding, and I had to restart.  I was eventually able to make it past those segments, but I thought it was worth noting.

Stickman could use a few more sound effects, especially during battles.  When you fight an enemy, most of the time you can't really tell if they're taking any damage.  Some reaction animation and damage sound effects would have helped.

Also, when you get new colors, you need to start from scratch.  It would have been nice to be able to go back and edit your character.  There were a few times, when I had a great character drawn out, that I had to scrap it and start all over, just to add my newly acquired colors.  I mean, I know they're supposed to be stick figures, but I put an unneeded amount of time into the character.  It was pretty cool looking.



Draw a Stickman: Epic is a very charming, imaginative game, with a wonderful premise.  I love art.  The ability to draw your own character, leap into a story book, and use specific pens, or pencils, to draw items and interact with the world, is genius.  I highly recommend giving this game a try!  There are a few graphical hiccups, but it doesn't taint or take away from the artistry, at all.  It's available on Steam for $4.99.



Draw a Stickman: Epic is a casual, adventure, indie game developed and published by Hitcents.  It was released for Steam on December 3rd, 2013.  It's also available on iOS and Android.

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