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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review

With so many Dragon Ball Z games across multiple consoles over the years, what makes Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z so different?


The controls are different because of the new gameplay, which may getting used to.   Able to fly just about anywhere gave more freedom because it showed how much bigger the levels are compared to other DBZ games.  However, there was boundaries that prevented further exploration. The 4 vs 4 played smoothly with 8 characters on the screen, which was fun due to the new combat system.  This isn't your traditional DBZ game but it did its best to bring something new and fresh to the table.


The stage graphics looked about the same from the other Dragon Ball Z games for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but with more detail and more texture. However, the graphics looked really well-suited for the latest DBZ game.  The opening for the game showed great cell-shaded style that has an updated look and feels modern.


As with any previous Dragon Ball Z games, the sound effects, some of the returning voices, and the music come from the anime.  These can be heard during gameplay and new sound effects were heard during the menu screen.  There's not much more to add to this game because it has been heard and been used before.

The Good

Its nice to have a roster of +70 Dragon Ball Z character to choose from, which makes many combinations for the 4 vs 4 battles.  The teams can range from a team made up of Kid Buu, Perfect Cell, Full Power Freiza, and Raditz. Another team can consist of SS3 Gotenks, Super Vegito, SS3 Goku, and the Super Saiyan God can be a force to be reckoned in the right hands of a player who knows what he or she is doing.  Its too bad that Super Gogeta from the DBZ movie, Fusion Reborn, isn't in the roster.  SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta aren't in this game because they are from the Dragon Ball GT (DB GT universe). The Super Saiyan God hasn't' been seen in any previous DBZ games and able to play as him was pretty cool.  The Battle Royale mode added more challenges because it can be anyone's game.  The online feature added more challenges because any challenger from around the world could be a better or worse opponent.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Characters (Japanese)


The Bad

The card system is a new feature in the game that added more gameplay and adds to the customization.  There is no offline multiplayer mode, which is a staple for any DBZ game.  Adding to the character roster, there could of been more DBZ characters from the anime and the movies too. With the new battle system and camera angles, it may have been a difficult choice for the developers to leave that out and offer the online experience.  Without the offline multiplayer 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mode had moved away from the traditional DBZ game.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a typical DBZ game with new gameplay features that brings just about the closest thing to the anime.  The price of the game is pretty steep for a game that may not bring the worth of a couple of hours for for a $59.99 price point.  Fans of the anime will have their own opinions about the game because the fans knows what's best from an anime to a video game adaptation.  This game will be a debate among the fans and non-DBZ fans about if this game is better or worse then previous DBZ games.

Score 3/5

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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I love video games, especially the retro ones because I grew up playing those ones. A lot of memories and frustrations with some of the NES games, but it was fun enjoying those games. Video games are one of my passions because there are so many games out there that can be played and each one has a uniqueness to it.

  1. Rachael Ward
    Date: January 31, 2014
    Author: Rachael Ward

    2860 Points, 36 Comments, and 34 Articles.

    As a long time fan of the manga/anime, I’m really torn about this game. It looks like the most important stuff for this game was vastly improved from previous titles and I love the huge character roster…but I can’t bring myself to get it since its still missing a feature that I’ve been wanting to see redone in a DBZ game. A create character mode.

    I know one of the previous games, I can’t remember which, had one but it was incredibly underwhelming. The only other one I can think of is Dragon Ball Online which looks like a ton of fun but I have no idea how to get it and play it.

  2. exceeding09
    Date: February 2, 2014
    Author: exceeding09

    5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

    I’m also a long time fan of the anime. I gave my un-biased review and score. I’m sure some people would agree and wouldn’t agree with me. It would of been cool to have a create character mode and that would be a sight to see.

    I think its difficult to improve a DBZ game, besides graphics, that has been done so many times because there’s so many of them.

    I’m sure there’s some YouTube videos about the game and how to play it.

  3. Date: February 10, 2014
    Author: Pat Servin

    1430 Points, 16 Comments, and 8 Articles.

    I do not like how there isn’t an offline mode. I think that is kinda dumb but at the same time since I am a DBZ fan I will still play this game at least once.

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