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Batman: Arkham Origins (mobile)

Batman: Arkham Origins (mobile)

Batman: Arkham Origins for iOS is an interesting port to mobile devices.  This game focuses on Batman as he goes through Uptown Gotham to stop thugs who have committed crimes and/or want Batman dead.  Firefly, Deathstroke, Copperhead, Deadshot, Bane, Copperhead, an Executioner make their appearance in the game too.



There are missions with various difficulties from easy to difficult.  To assist Batman, there are skill such as assault stances, and guarded stances that are need to become stronger and be able to deal with difficult opponents.  These skills can be upgraded with 'points', which can be obtained after each stage completion.  The areas where the Cape Crusader can go are; The Docks, Uptown Gotham, Downtown Gotham, and the Industrial District.

The graphics are really good for an iOS game and Batman looks pretty good compared to his console counterpart.  Batsuits from previous Batman media.

Batman: Arkham Origins iOS Gameplay


The game uses stamina instead of energy, which is required to start a mission. When there isn't any more stamina left, the waiting game takes place to refill the stamina bar.  iOS games have a tendency to have 'energy' bars to prevent players from playing continuously like any normal non-mobile video game.

The game doesn't feel like a Batman game that gamers are used to such as, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, but rather a fighting game instead. Pushing the screen to attack and unable to use any of his equipment at free will is a let down.

The idea of  developing Batman: Arkham Origins (mobile) for iOS is a good and works out for the average gamer.  The fighting game feature is good and all, but the feel of just fighting hand-to-hand without actually controlling Batman himself, doesn't feel like a Batman game. It can be a let down for fans of Batman, but its another Batman game to play or not to play.

Batman: Arkham Origins - iOS Trailer 

If the game had a different kind of an approach of a 3D game or side scrolling and able to use more of Batman's gadgets, the score would of gotten a higher score.  I do give credit to the developers for creating very detailed characters.

Score B/A+

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