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Angry Birds Go! A No Go Multiplayer Game

Angry Birds Go! A No Go Multiplayer Game
Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds has been a really popular game among mobile devices that was developed by Rovio and the same company has brought a new gaming experience.  From flying through the air comes the latest game where the birds are driving karts in Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! Official Gameplay Trailer 


The Red Bird is the default character to start racing.  There are two ways to control the kart by using the tilt function or using buttons on left and right side of the screen.  Each kart handles like a real kart, which is important for any kart game.  Drifting at turns can also be used to take the the lead while leaving the opponents in the dust.


The graphics look really nice with colorful backgrounds that brings out any mobile device's graphic capability.  It feels as if the graphics were used from previous Angry Birds game, but that's just me.  The outlines of objects up close are jagged as seen in early mobile device games,


The bird sounds from Angry Birds return as they are driving and turing with their classic chirps.  This wouldn't be an Angry Birds game without the chirps that many people hear each time they play Angry Birds. The upbeat music from the game brings out the best of the series and the music can be probably be known by fans only by listening.

The Good

The appearance of the classic slingshot, which makes its appearance in every Angry Birds game, makes it return to launch the karts from the starting line.  An Angry Birds game isn't complete without the slingshot.  After collecting coins during each race, players are able to upgrade their kart from; top speed, acceleration, handling, and strength.  This is a nice to compete with faster and stronger opponents in the later stages of the game.

The Bad

Driving on the same tracks can be receptive due to the challenges presented such as, winning a certain number of races in first place, time trial, collecting watermelons, and boss battles.  The only way to see a new driving environment is to complete the many challenges and defeating the boss to advance to the next area.  The Red Bird is the default character from the start to play as and not choosing the many birds from the series is a let down.  The other birds are unlocked after beating them as a boss battle.

Multiplayer, multiplayer and I'll say it again, multiplayer, is missing from this kart game and its a shame there isn't any local or online features for Angry Birds Go!  Having a kart game with no multiplayer experience is a let down to a type of game where racing other karts is the key to a successful kart game.

Final Thoughts

Angry Birds Go! isn't your average Mario Kart game, but this game brings the action and gameplay of driving carts to mobile devices.  If multiplayer was included in the game, this game would be a great game to enjoy with friends, family, and other racers around the world.  This game is fun to take along during long car trips, waiting at the airport, and waiting for an appointment.  There are many other kart games for mobile devices and Rovio wanted to be a part of the kart theme by developing a well kart game but missed out with the multiplayer experience.

Score 4/5

Angry Birds Go! was released on December 11th, 2013 and is available now for iOS devices and Android devices for free.

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