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One Piece: Unlimited World Red

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

     One Piece: Unlimited World Red is out right now for PlayStation 3Nintendo 3DS , and PS Vita.   The game is based on the One Piece series and is the fourth release of the Unlimited Series.  I am definitely a One Piece fan and was very excited to get this release. I bought it the day it came out and  bought the one day edition. I have played Naruto, Bleach,and Dragon Ball Z games as well. I must say that in my opinion One Piece: Unlimited World Red is way better than any of the Naruto, Bleach and Dragon ball Z games I have played.


The story follows Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew on another adventure as they set sail on the seas. This time the Straw Hat Crew is sailing around the New World. This One Piece game features a new story from series creator, new characters, and a new villainous pirate for Luffy to face off against. Of course the game also features characters and villains from the Anime series as well.  The Straw Hat Crew gets kidnapped and it's up to Luffy to rescue them.


In the Naruto,Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z games I have played, the games were mostly arcade style fighting. I love fighting in a game but for my taste personally I need more than just fighting. The arcade style fighting games bore me after a while. When I got my hands on this game I thought it was a breath of fresh air.  There is fighting in it but it also follows a story line.  The game isn't just straight fighting which I loved.  Compared to others in its genre it packs a lot of content.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red  features Co-Op game play,  all new coliseum mode,  mini games, and unlimited game play.  The coliseum mode features a separate story line where you will fight wave after wave of enemies. The great part is that you can fight alone or with a friend in coliseum mode. You don't have to fight as Luffy or The Straw Hat Crew in coliseum mode. You can fight as any character you want. The coliseum is split into 3 ranks: a,b and c rank. The mini games are fun to play if you want to take a break from the main story and you can play them as much as you want.  Another way to take a break from playing the main story is quests.  You can do many different quests with any of the Straw Hat Crew to get different supplies needed.


I have played many different video games based on Anime and they have disappointed me. Most that I have played were just arcade style fighting. One Piece: Unlimited World Red in my opinion was a breath of fresh air and different than other Anime based video games that I have played. This One Piece game doesn't disappoint and packs a lot of content. Although fighting is a part of the game it isn't the main focus.  New characters,familiar characters, new story, quests and mini games it would be hard to get bored with this game. One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a fun, action packed game that fans and gamers alike won't be disappointed with.


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