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Virtual Laser League – An eSport Revolution

Virtual Laser League – An eSport Revolution

Coming out of Cleveland, Ohio, a simple Kickstarter campaign is set to take the eSport genre by storm. Clockwork Studios developers, Taylor Radigan and Nick Torrelli welcome to the Virtual Laser League, Laser Tag at the next level. VLL is complete with single player and team versions in which everything is customisable to be specific to your team. You’ll have your own stadium, team logo and name on purchasable merchandise.

Virtual Laser League is set up just like the laser tag that we all know and love. As a first person shooter, you earn points for yourself and your team by shooting down the opposition. Instead of a standard laser tag scoring system, matches will be set up as quarters and time limits to give the players the full eSport experience.

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As for teams in Virtual Laser League, they will be set into divisions based on specific regions depending on where you are located in the world (Central, Midwest, Pacific, Atlantic, etc.) with each playing year divided into four seasons. Each season, a schedule will be given out at random, along with team’s drafting order. That way, throughout the seasons, you can keep an eye out for upcoming talent you might like to recruit during your drafting period.

To distinguish between different levels of skill, each player will be submitted to a series of tests before they are drafted onto a team. After said player has completed these tests, they are placed into a draft lottery for teams to observe as players show off and possibly get picked to join one of these teams. As you play, you will also be rated according to the skills you gain and the level of these skills. This will allow teams to look for specific players that may better suit their needs and potentially trade team members just to have you.

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Besides skills, other rewards such as “Player of the Week” can be added to your career statistics and will be shown on the schedule page for all players and teams to see your hard earned efforts. Along with the “Player of the Week” benefit, each season one player is chosen to receive the honour of MVP (most valued player). A “Hall of Fame” is also to be featured in Virtual Laser League with four nominees chosen to be inducted each year.

To enhance the gaming experience of Virtual Laser League, Clockwork Studios are adding a video network for players around the globe to share information or discuss upcoming events. Similar to this network, there is also a radio show called “The Live Gamer” planned to be aired which will consist of the game’s progress, game reviews and any and all topics or news related to the gaming industry. By having these forms of communication, Clockwork Studios wish to know their community better and hopes the community will get to know each other better as well.

Currently Clockwork Studios have been able to raise just over $2,000 of their $75,000 so there is still a long way to go for these guys so jump on board and donate here to an amazing idea and help Taylor and Nick make their dreams come true…

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