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My Journey Through Ninja Gaiden II

My Journey Through Ninja Gaiden II

My journey through Ninja Gaiden II, a challenging (in my opinion) game began back in March 29th of this year for my YouTube channel.  Since I knew the horrors of the early Ninja Gaiden games for the NES, due to the difficulty, I didn't know if Ninja Gaiden II was any different or not.
This was my first play though in the series and I didn't know what to expect.

Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 Walkthough 1 Gameplay - Ryu Hayabusa

I was frustrated at times while playing this game because of the enemies and bosses that I encountered.  The enemies that were the most annoying were the ones that threw incendiary shurikens, because there were a barrage of incendiary shurikens thrown at me when I had no health items or just had full life prior. There was one time during the game when there was a room full of those enemies and there explosions left and right.   It was either to fight or run away while thinking of a plan to survive; I had to clear those enemies to move on.  Another annoying enemies were the ones that had rocket launchers that shot a barrage of rockets when they were in twos.

Ninja Gaiden II

The boss fights were difficult at times because it was my first time playing this game without any prior knowledge of the bosses.  Some bosses were easier then others, while some were really difficult with many retrys.  The bosses had an attack pattern and there was a strategy to defeat them after one or several tries.  The final boss was the most difficult because I had no health items to use if I were in trouble and it was an all out battle.   Since I had no health items, every move and attack had to be timed right or it was another game over for me.  The feeling that I felt after +10 tries and finally defeating the final boss was priceless.

Ninja Gaiden II - Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 Archfiend Death Montage

Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 Archfiend Death Montage (no health items)

I finally completed and recorded the last video for Ninja Gaiden II on April 20th, 2014 with an accomplishment victory.  My journey has finally ended and the frustrations of retrying was worth the time for my YouTube subscribers, who could see my journey.  I hope to upload the final video sometime this weekend.

(Due to my busy schedule, I mostly played this game on Saturdays.)

I enjoyed playing Ninja Gaiden II because of the gameplay and the challenge that it brought.

Have you played Ninja Gaiden II before?
If so, do you think this game is challenging?

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