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Console Wars: PS4 Comes Home, Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced

Console Wars: PS4 Comes Home, Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced

Sony's new baby has finally come home, as the Playstation 4 has launched in it's home territory at last. The PS4 has gone down a storm everywhere it has arrived so far, and unsurprisingly Japan is no exception. According to early figures from Japan's leading gaming source Famitsu, Sony shifted more than a quarter of a million consoles in the opening weekend. To put that in perspective the PS4's 322,083 dwarfs the 88,443 the Playstation 3 managed, but is considerably less than the mighty 630,552 sold by the PS2. Add this impressive launch figure to the 5.2 million PS4s already shipped globally and it's safe to say that the new console is off to a highly impressive start.

Sony took the unprecedented step of delaying the PS4's arrival in it's home country to ensure there was enough software that would appeal to the Japanese audience; this strategy seems to have paid off. Meanwhile, Microsoft has still yet to announce a Japanese release date for Xbox One.

On the other side of the Pacific, January's NPD figures revealed that the PS4 has sold double the number of consoles the Xbox One managed over the same period. Although by any reasonable assessment the Xbox One had a highly successful launch, it's not done quite so well since. A raft of negative publicity concerning the consoles' capabilities in comparison to the cheaper PS4 can't have helped. But Microsoft have a secret weapon waiting in the wings with the imminent release of Titanfall, and Microsoft have announced a bundle is incoming too.

In the US a digital copy of the much anticipated  FPS will be included for the existing price of $499  . In the UK however it is accompanied by a price cut, with the console now retailing for £399 -down from £429.99. (Before any of you Americans even think about feeling jealous: you're still paying considerably less- £399 translates to $667!) Select retailers are offering further discounts still- GameStop UK are selling the bundle for £369.97. While competitive prices is undoubtedly good for gamers, this news might be not quite so welcome for those early adopters who paid the higher price, and got less. Microsoft has not yet announced any plans to compensate these unlucky folks.

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