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RPGs and Character Naming

RPGs and Character Naming

RPGs have brought many hours of gameplay for many people who have played RPGs such as; Borderlands series, Final Fantasy series, Fallout series, Diablo series, Tales series, The Elder Scroll series, and many more.  At the beginning of some RPGs or at some point in the game when a character is introduced, the player is able to choose a name for their hero and/or heroine.  However, there are some RPGs that won't allow for name change due to audio voice overs.  Here is the question,

Have you ever used your real name, friend's name, wife's/husband's name, girlfriend's/boyfriend's name, a crushes' name and/or random name while playing RPG games?

If you named character/s after real people, then you're not alone because many players have done that and that's part of point of playing RPG games.  What would it be like to use a boyfriend's/girlfriend/or wife's/husband's name for two characters that have a romantic ties to each other?  The game would be more interesting because it would be a more immersive way to enjoy the story while seeing your name in text in a video game, which is cool to see.  An example of this could be Final Fantasy VII.  Did you use your name and a name that you have romantic feelings for to name Cloud, Tifa, and/or Aerith?

Another RPG franchise, Diablo, has many people using unique/cool names to name their characters.  Those names are like names from fantasy novels or movies.  However, there are some players that like to use funny and/or random names for their characters.  It goes to show that naming characters can be fun and funny to read when a non-private game is joined.

(insert name) was slain by (insert name).

While watching videos on YouTube of RPG walkthroughs, you can see that people may use real names.   They can also use fake names or someone trying to be funny, which can be good too depending on the sense of humor of the audience.

In the end, naming video game characters after yourself or anyone else isn't a bad thing because it shows that you would like to be immersed in the storyline.  If you did, then there must of been a reason, because why would you name those characters in the first place and you could of left the default name for that character.

What is the funniest RPG character name have you given a character?
What is the funniest RPG character name have you seen?

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I love video games, especially the retro ones because I grew up playing those ones. A lot of memories and frustrations with some of the NES games, but it was fun enjoying those games. Video games are one of my passions because there are so many games out there that can be played and each one has a uniqueness to it.

  1. DM Agony
    Date: January 27, 2014
    Author: DM Agony

    1770 Points, 28 Comments, and 17 Articles.

    There are likely a lot of random cartridges scattered around my home town that have my name as the main character, and all the female members of the group were named after girls I had crushes on in junior high and high school.

    • exceeding09
      Date: January 27, 2014
      Author: exceeding09

      5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

      Nice and I’ve named myself as the main character, mostly in older Final Fantasy games. I guess I wanted to have a more immersive experience seeing my name used within the storyline. It makes the games more interesting.

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