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You Know When to Run : Iconic Escape Music In Survival Horror

You Know When to Run : Iconic Escape Music In Survival Horror

Running away at certain situations in video games can be seen as positive and negative among the video game community.  This shows the character of the person choosing to run away, even though the option of not running away is available.  Here are two iconic music that give the sense to run away from two antagonists when fighting could be an option at the time.

What happens when a B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) never been seen before in any previous Resident Evil games begins to chase you throughout game?  Nemesis was a new B.O.W. created by Umbrella to hunt and kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) in Resident Evil 3.  When players first encountered Nemesis, they had the choice to fight him or run away.  For the sake of this article, running away from him will be talked about.  When players were playing Resident Evil 3, Nemesis would appear at certain parts of the game and the music would change to an action/tension music that brought fear.  Any person who has played this game knew they had to run away once they heard the Nemesis theme plays because of low health or low ammunition and the music brought tension for survival.
Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis Theme

What happens when a person, Scissorman, is holding a giant pair of shears and has the intentions of killing?  The only answer is to run, which can be seen in the classic survival horror point & click game, Clock Tower.  In a game where weapons aren't common and running away is the key to survival. Scary music is another key for any survival horror because scary music adds the tension to the gameplay. One particular music in this game has brought out the surprise of horror. Scissorman Chase with Reprise music plays when the player first encounters him and throughout the game as well. The music goes away when he leaves an area. The music has probably scared many people who played the game when it was released back in 1997.  Adults at the time may gotten a little scared or not scared, but for children at the time that played this game got scared after the first appearance of Scissorman.  If headphones at high volume were to be used during gameplay, the music will add even more tension to run away from Scissorman.

Clock Tower - Scissorman (Reprise)

Clock Tower - Scissorman Chase

Clock Tower - Scissorman Appearances 

The choice to run away in a video games is up to the player for various reasons.  For survival horror games, music is important because it adds the element of sound that activates the fight or flight scenario.

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