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The Most Misunderstood Villains in Videogames

The Most Misunderstood Villains in Videogames
Castlevania Megaman Legends Pokemon Y/X And More

There’s one thing you can count on almost every videogame: An antagonist. That one evil entity whose sole purpose is to make your life miserable throughout your journey and you’ll eventually end up hating because of its actions. But what happens when said villain isn’t so…evil? When your enemy isn’t as crazy as the game makes you believe? You still have to defeat this foe but are you really justified? Let’s look at some truly misunderstood villains throughout gaming history.

1.  Dracula – Castlevania (NES)

Hold on, hold on. Dracula, in most Castlevania games, is a true villain. I won’t argue that. But in the first Castlevania game released for the NES, he was simply described as an evil entity revived by corrupted humans ever 100 years or so. And of course, when he’s awake, he wants to go out and kill some people. You know, go out for dinner. That’s all we know of him in this game; I am not counting what other games in the future would tell us about the Belmont/Dracula story. So really, is it Drac’s fault that he wants to go out and feed himself? It’s like going to the worst party animal’s house in town and begging him to go to your party, knowing he will probably set fire to your dog and throw up all over your mom’s garden. It’s not really his fault; he was happy with just spending that afternoon at home watching T.V. until you and your friends had to go fetch him so now someone needs to tell him to stop being who he is. Unfair, if you ask me.

2. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

Nemesis makes your life impossible throughout the entire game, popping up here and there, scaring the crap out of you and ultimately kills you, if you’re not careful enough. You will end up hating him after just a few encounters. But truly, he’s just following orders. Even his movie version is guilty of this, but we will not open that door for now. Anyway, Nemesis is specially manufactured to be a killing machine. As much as you might hate him, he’s just doing his job. And he’s dang good at it. Or would you get mad at Mario for saving the kingdom? That’s his job! Unless you’re…

3. Bowser – Mario series

Since the very first game, we learn that Bowser, then just Koopa, kidnaps Princess Toadstool, now Princess Peach, in order to make her his wife. That’s all he wants: a wife. There are no dating sites in the magic kingdom; give the guy a break! Too bad Mario has kind-of-sort-of a relationship with the princess. I mean, if you consider sharing a dessert with her every now and then and maybe a peck on the cheek a relationship, then I’d say things are pretty serious between Mario and Peach. If you’re a normal person, though, you would probably think there’s nothing going on between those two. So really, it’s not Bowser’s fault Mario is contempt with just being eternally friendzone'd. At least Bowser is making a move. Heck, he’s a single father with eight children who is ALSO a king and he still somehow manages to find time to look for a potential queen. Now that’s commitment.

4.  Lysandre – Pokemon X/Y

When you first meet this guy, he’s just a weird guy talking about making the world a beautiful world. But the game moves on, and SPOILER, just in case, he reveals himself as the leader of Team Flare who intends to annihilate anyone who is not part of his team by using the ultimate weapon created long ago by an ancient king. Long story. But the point is that, every time you battle him, he is honorable. He gives the hero a chance to beat him. He admits his defeat and gives something in exchange of it. To the victor the spoils, right? He even allows the player the chance to either save or destroy the world, regardless of the outcome. And most importantly, he explains that he believes Pokemon will always be used as weapons of destruction by corrupted humans and therefore, they must be eradicated. So..basically, he wants a world pretty much like our real world? Oh, no. The horror. Can’t imagine what kind of hell that would be. And hey, if all the Pokemon movies have taught us anything, it’s that he IS right! Guns and weapons are obsolete in the Pokemon world and are instead replaced by creatures with powers that are beyond our understanding and, more than likely, will backfire. So is he really that crazy? Hey, give the guy a shot. He doesn’t even look that evil. Unlike…

5. Dormin – Shadow of the Colossus

So this is a giant, and I mean HUGE, monster who the player, Wander, makes a deal with in order to bring Mono back to life. That’s never a god sign. But unlike most villains, Dormin is completely honest. He says the price Wander must pay would be heavy. And you kind of get an idea that he’s not really talking about money or losing your horse or something. It is easily implied that you’re getting into some serious stuff beyond your understand. But, you know, Wander says yes and there ya go, that’s Shadow of the Colossus for you. Well, towards the end of the game, you discover that each Colossi killed releases a Dormin fragment that was hid inside each of them. So yeah, at the end, Dormin is released, possesses Wander’s body and pretty much starts destroying things until he is stopped. It’s not clear if Dormin is killed for good or just temporarily. However, Dormin keeps his word and brings Mono back to life, just like that.  Oh, and Wander is turned into a baby version of himself.  But in all fairness, he was warned and Dormin kept his word. So…what’s the crime here?

6. The Bonne Family – Megaman Legends

These guys are just trying to make ends meet. They steal because they want a better life. Sure, it’s lazy but at least they’re not trying to take over the world or kill someone. They seemingly just want to open a store and settle down. Heck, they don’t even kill Megaman when they have a chance. Instead, they help him! Why? Because they know he’s a good guy! Sure, they’re horrible at handling their finances but just get them a good book keeper and you’ll get rid of them for good. And if anything, they’re persistent which is a quality, in most cases. In fact, I feel bad for kicking their butt consequently and destroying their beautiful robots. Really, is it necessary, Megaman? Can’t you just slap them on the wrist or something? Whatever the outcome, they’ll just come back and you already know they’re harmless. So why go overboard? They’re not the villains here, Mr. Volnutt. You are! And do I even have to start defending their Servbots? I didn’t think so.

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