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Is Angry Birds Flying too Close to the Sun?

Is Angry Birds Flying too Close to the Sun?
Angry Birds

How hard up for a new franchise is Hollywood?  Enough to Make an Angry Birds movie.  I call this move slightly desperate but really smart.


For those who don’t know, Angry Birds is a game you can download for free on your phone.  It’s pretty mind numbing to the point where you don’t realize you have an addiction and it’s crashing birds into bricks.Angry1


Hollywood is notorious for taking proven success stories -- stories with an established fan base and turning them into movies.  That’s why comics, books, and the occasional poems are turned into  cinematic adventures.

Angry Birds has a pretty big following.  I can see why.  It’s one of the only games out there that makes you feel like a kid because there is no real point to it.  But there is one issue.


There is no real premise behind Angry Birds. Unless smashing birds into walls is a new form of storytelling… hmmm okay that premise does have some promise.  But it’s hard to see how an older demographic will react to this game turned into a movie.

For kids I could see them wanting to watch it because it’s a cartoon – oh sorry animated movie.  But adults... that’s a stretch from where I’m sitting.


What was great about Angry Birds is I can play it for an hour and never have to think about it again.  It was morphine for my stream of consciousness.  I wonder if it'll impact a generation the way Oregon Trails did.

Either way, turning this into a movie feels like Hollywood is desperate to make something out of nothing.  And the funny thing is, even though I know this I’m still willing to bet it’ll make a HUGE CHUNK of mulla.

What do you think?

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