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I Am PewDiePie

I Am PewDiePie

PewDiePie or PewDie if you prefer to save a second is the most subscribed YouTube Video personality OF ALL TIME.  Like many of you… I never heard of the dude.  Well until a month ago, when a friend bashed this guys very being I didn’t know he existed.  Sorry Mister Pew.

Water Cooler Fact

He is a Swedish gamer who’s true identity (Drum roll please) is Felix Kjellberg.  His career started around three years ago in 2010 with him making videos of himself reacting to games he would play live.

Still doesn’t ring any bells?  I don’t blame ya.

A lot of gamers find him pretty annoying and for good reason.  He’s a grown man who has a gift.  A whining gift.  GAWD! Pie4 It’s hard to put up with to put it nicely.  I’ve only seen one of his videos and I couldn’t make it all the way through without hitting mute and questioning if I should cut myself.

So why should YOU know him?

You got me.  What you expect answers here?  Fine.  Here's one.  I was curious to know who the most subscribed YouTube person is and to learn it isn’t Lady Gaga gives me hope dearPie1 world there's something worth fight for.  So I Googled this fool-e-o  and what I learned was he’s actually a pretty decent dude.

"Yeah but his videos" --- Are still annoying.  WORD Braaa.  Word.

Since being on YouTube he’s donated over $30,000.00 to charities.  We can still hate him for his videos but come on, that’s a good guy move.   He’s found a way to make money of the internet, he’s internet famous and I’m sure he could use the money, hell who couldn’t nowadays?  I give him kudos for that move.

And then I take away said kudos for being such a pushover!!!

Saaaaay what?  While doing some investigating I found out he stopped using rape jokes in his game reviews because fans were offended.  Not only that but he issued a public apology.  Give me a break.Pie3  Click here if you want to know the top 5 game disses every gamer should use and abuse.

I get where fans are coming from.  Not everyone is going to agree with what you say, but come on that’s classic gamer talk.  People need to relax.  This is how I recommend people deal with audiences who get a bit too excited.


I really don’t get how this guy is Internet Famous.  I’m hoping someone reading this will shed some light on this mystery and reveal that magic X-Factor which got him to this status.  Pie5Maybe he was the first to do what he did?  Maybe those voices he does are “cute” to some people?  Maybe he represents what we all feel like playing certain overrated games like Halo.

Maybe…What do you think?  Where do you stand with PewDiePie?

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Kirk Deis
Kirk Deis

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  1. MagicTurtle643
    Date: November 15, 2013
    Author: Ben

    2370 Points, 6 Comments, and 28 Articles.

    Thank you for writing this article! At least when Ray William Johnson was the top dog of the Tubes, he was more of an original content creator. Yeah he just make dumb jokes to viral videos, but at least he was making a SHOW. To react to video games ridiculously and dramatically is not only easy, it’s not entertaining. I mean, the vlogbrothers, who are much MUCH less successful than PewDie, are responsible for almost a million dollars worth of charity donations–not to mention the founding of the Project for Awesome and the Foundation to Decrease World Suck.

    • MagicTurtle643
      Date: November 15, 2013
      Author: ben-simon

      2370 Points, 6 Comments, and 28 Articles.


  2. exceeding09
    Date: November 18, 2013
    Author: exceeding09

    5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

    I think PewDiePie is cool and does a good job at what he does best, entertaining people; I guess 16,000,000+ subscribers shows it. Its good to hear that he donates money to charities. I prefer watching theRadBrad because I think he’s more entertaining to watch and more funnier too.

  3. Date: January 19, 2014
    Author: Junaid Ahmed

    he’s cute :O

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