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All Classes Get a New Skill in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

All Classes Get a New Skill in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Today was the Gameplay and Crusader panel at BlizzCon for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. We were immediately told that all classes would be getting new skills in Reaper of Souls.

The Barbarian's new skill is Avalanche...pretty self explanatory. I was the least impressed with this new skill.


Magic missile will get a rune that allows it to do cold damage. Arcane Orb will have a rune that brings back Frozen Orb from Diablo 2. Black Hole is the new wizard skill and it will pull all the enemies in while doing damage.


All monk runes for Fists of Thunder will teleport you to your target in Reaper of Souls. The new skill for the monk is Epiphany and when activated allows you to teleport to your target with every single melee skill you use.

Demon Hunter

Vengeance gives your DH the chance to fire off extra ranged attacks as you do all of your ranged attacks. Like the monk's epiphany the new skill turns the Demon Hunter dark black.

Witch Doctor

The skill ‘Piranhas’ is the new version of Amplify Damage from Diablo 2. The animation on Piranhas is the most impressive of the new skills.



The Crusaders are the elite force of the Paladins that wield a shield and flail. The Crusader is confirmed to be a mid-range class. Their ranged skills seem powerful but one can never really tell until they play the game. Heavens Fury looks like an amazing skill. You summon a beam of light from the sky that locks to a target and allows. The Crusader has a skill Steed Charge that allows him to ride a horse at high movement speed. The skill Falling Sword is effectively the Barbarians Leap skill with more flashy visual effects. Most importantly, the panel revealed that Hammerdins will be back from Diablo 2 now with The Blessed Hammer skill.


The panel admits they failed to deliver on the power of legendary items at the launch in 2012 but the focus of Reaper of Souls is upgrading the power of these items. Stats on new items are separated into Primary and Secondary stats so things like a big magic find roll on an item won’t cost you crit chance.

Frost Burns

The new Frostburn Gauntlets looks like a serious upgrade to the old ones. The gray numbers on the right represent the possible values you can roll for an item. The orange properties on the new legendary items seem to provide some game changing possibilities at level 70. Set Items will have the most powerful skill upgrades; the Ninja Boots make your DH’s spike traps lure enemies to them.


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