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GTA Online Stimulus Package Finally Arrives

GTA Online Stimulus Package Finally Arrives
Grand Theft Auto 5

Less than an hour ago the GTA Online Stimulus Package hit bank accounts all over Los Santos and it brings up the question, what do you plan on doing with your $500,000? We have new some suggestions for you!

First, check out our initial post on how to spend your GTA online stimulus package.

Now that you know about the basic options like buying an apartment, lets talk about modding up a vehicle. I'm not going to lie, though driving around a flashy Adder or Entity XF is exciting, it is costly. In fact, it is too costly if we're just talking about spending your stimulus package. But there is a cheaper option in regards to speed...let's talk motorcycles.

Soon we will be releasing our Race Performance Tests for Motorcycles. All you need to know now is that your best choice for a fast fully modded motorcycle turns out to be the Pegassi Bati. It costs only $15,000! And these bikes finish most races just as fast as modded super cars! With barely half of your stimulus package you can fully mod up your Pegassi Bati.

Once you've modded up your new motorcycle, my honest suggestion is to save the rest of your GTA online stimulus package for the supposed new beach themed items that will hit the GTA Online world in the near future. Sometimes the best thing to do with your money is save it!

Of course, if you're itching to spend your money you can always upgrade your weapons. Respraying your vehicles crew colors is also an easy way to spend a few hundred thousand dollars.

In order to unlock all of the important mods you will need to win 42 races and hit rank 100. Come request an invite to the Kill Streak Krew we're almost always on GTA Online and we're always eager to race!

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