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GTA Online Science: Race Performance Tests with Super Cars

GTA Online Science: Race Performance Tests with Super Cars
Grand Theft Auto 5

Did you ever want to know which one of the Super Cars performs the best in GTA Online races? This guide will show you why buying an Adder may not be your best bet! The Race Performance Tests are carried out on the Criminal Records track. A series of single/3 lap races were carried out using a character with maximum Driving skill. Check back soon for more Race Performance tests on the other classes of vehicles!

Next to each car name are its stats: (speed, acceleration, braking, handling). These are the in-game statistics for the vehicle without any upgrades. The tests were performed with non-custom cars, weather set to clear, and catch-up off. For a lap to count towards a car’s average lap time, I required that I got the speed boost on Go and that the car did not crash at all.

First Place: Entity XF (8.3, 8.3, 3, 8.3)

Race Performance Score: 80

While the Entity is not the most expensive car on the market, it is definitely the best car for races! The Entity out performed the Adder by an average of .4 seconds per lap. I believe this has to do with its superb handling.

Second Place: Adder (8.6, 8, 3.3, 7.6)

Race Performance Score: 76

The million-dollar baby came up short during today’s tests.  If you look at the Adder’s stats, you’ll see that it has .3 less acceleration and .7 less handling. In fact the Adder’s handling is the lowest of the seven super cars. This is likely the cause of its slightly worse race performance than the Entity XF.

Third Place: Cheetah (8.2, 8, 2.7, 8)

Race Performance Score: 73

If it was all about handling, the Cheetah would have beaten the Adder. As we can see, the .4 difference in speed makes a measurable difference in race performance.  At $650,000, you might as well save up another $150,000 until you can buy the Entity.

Fourth Place: Infernus (8.1, 8.5, 1.7, 8)

Race Performance Score: 70

The Infernus turned out to be the middle of the road option for racing. Its top notch handling makes almost makes up for its lower speed rating. But it costs only $440,000 that means you can get one with the money from the stimulus package! If you want a Super Car and are not willing to spend the money for an Entity, don’t waste your time on a Cheetah. Get an Infernus and save the extra money towards an eventual purchase of an Entity.

Fifth Place: Bullet (8.3, 8.3, 2.7, 7.7)

Race Performance Score: 69

Though the Bullet has a higher speed rating than both the Cheetah and the Infernus, its low handling rating makes it perform poorly in races. However, for $155,000 this car is a better buy than the Vacca or the Voltic.

Sixth Place: Vacca (7.5, 7.5, 3.3, 7.9)

Race Performance Score: 67

The stats don’t lie. The Vacca has low speed, handling, and acceleration. I’d stay away unless you really enjoy the way it looks.

Seventh Place: Voltic (7.8, 9, 3.3, 7.7)

Race Performance Score: 66

Though the Voltic has high acceleration, its speed and handling are sub par for the Super Car class. Unless you want an electric car (for whatever pretentious reason) there is pretty much no reason to buy the Voltic.  If you have the money for a Voltic, just buy a Bullet.

Conclusions: It is fairly obvious that the Race Performance of Super Cars is largely dependent on Speed and Handling. While the Adder is reported as the “fastest” car in the game, the Entity holds up better on the racetrack.

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Jeremy Banks

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  1. Date: November 3, 2013
    Author: kyd

    Completely depends on driver.. Adder > Entity everytime.

  2. Date: November 3, 2013
    Author: Theashenvictor

    Interesting test, but I think it might be more interesting to see how they performed against each other with all the mods, considering you’ll get those if you want to use a car seriously. I’d also love to see some of the sports cars included for comparison. It might be wishful thinking but I believe the banshee compares favorably to some of the supercars.

    Kudos anyway. Fun to see some stats.

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