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Make a Kagillion Dollars in GTA V

Make a Kagillion Dollars in GTA V
Grand Theft Auto 5

Why am I so damn poor?  Is this how Michael Jackson felt before he died?  Why can’t I afford to purchase a nice Uzi?  The Ballas have Uzis and they don’t even recycle cars they steal.  I do.  I’m one of Los Santos last outstanding citizens.  I do my part to make the world a better place.  So what's up money-Gods?

Why the heck am I only worth $345?  I can’t even go on a shooting spree and feel decent about it because when I get wasted it will cost me a nice chunk of change.GTA 4

These are real world issues my fellow GTA players and I are facing.  I literally have 99 problems and right now money is number one.  Enough is enough.  Crime should pay.  It's all how you frame the situation.  Look at stalkers to see what I mean.  Crime doesn't have to be bad.

Here are three ways to make some cheese in GTA V:

GTA 11.  Rob Armored Trucks yo! 

Inside these precious cargo trucks is enough money to buy a dozen Uzis.  How do you say no to that?  You don’t.  It’s rude and you are anything but rude.  I once robbed an armored truck and walked away with over ten grand.  TEN GRAND.  Granted I wasted the money within an hour buying clothes, car bling-a-lings, meeting some nice girls, you know, the works.  What can I say…me likeeeee nice things.

2.  Fix the Market.GTA 2

Hey everyone is doing it, so why not you?

After completing Assassination Missions stocks just seem to spiral out of control.  Go figure death is bad for the market.  This is when you should BUY-BUY-BUY with all three of your characters.

Granted this is an investment.  Turnaround times to sell vary but hey, I’m giving options to you white collar GTA players who aren’t into robbing, street racing, and shanking but love the idea of assassinating.

GTA 33.  Do the same mission but with different characters.

WHaaaat is that cheating?  I don’t know, is it wrong to enjoy the simple things in life?  Was it wrong for there to be a Pepsi and coke?  Is it wrong for us to celebrate Christmas?  I think not.

Find a mission you dig and go out and make it your b*tch.  Then switch characters and do it again.  Sit back and watch the dough just pile up.


If you guys dig what I’m saying feel free to give me a 10% kick back.  If that’s too much for you, no worries help me spread the word on how to make money in GTA.  Leave a comment below on the best ways to make cash and/or let me know if there are more things you want to know about GTA.

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     Yo creo que en absoluto te has documehtado muy bien. Aunque ingeniosamente narrado

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