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Virtual Dating: Japanese Dating Sims

Virtual Dating: Japanese Dating Sims

In the real world, dating can be fun and enjoyable with the person you're interested in.  However, in the virtual world, dating someone, a virtual character, can be an experience different from real life dating.  Dating can bring different kinds of actions and responses based on the atmosphere.  Rather then facing another person, people are able to interact with virtual characters, which may ease the tension of dating.

Japanese dating sims are very popular in Japan's sub-culture of anime and video games.  Most of these games are played on the PC.  These games allow players to play as a character, who is predominately male.  This character's mission is to go out with one or more multiple females in order for them to make them their girlfriend.  There are many ways to achieve this goal is to make the right choices that will lead the character more closer with the female character/s.  Some choices are positive and some choices are negative, which can affect the character's relationship with each other.  This can lead to getting a girlfriend or being rejected based on the overall decisions made by the player.  In some cases, marriage and having children are possible outcome.


Males aren't the only ones who play these kinds of games because females also can experience the world of virtual dating.  (Males can play too, just for the heck of it).  Instead of attracting female characters, the female character does their best to attract and get a boyfriend.

Tokemeki Memorial: Girl's Side 1st Love Plus Gameplay 

Besides male/female and female/male dating sims, there is another side of dating sims.  There are some dating sims that focus on male/male and female/female relationships.

Japanese dating sims can also be played on Xbox 360 Live Arcade.  Here is gameplay of people playing the game with commentary as they play the game.

EXTRA LIFE - Gameplay

These games are so popular that they are made for iOS, Android,  Xbox 360, PS3 , PS Vita, Nintendo DS, and even into flash games.

In the end, Japanese dating sims is a way for people to experience dating that is somewhat similar to real life dating, but it cannot bring the real interaction with another person.  Japanese dating sims are for people who would rather date in the virtual world or for fun.

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