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The Weakest Of The X-Men

The Weakest Of The X-Men
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

Marvel Comics has made the outcast freaks something for all of us to aspire to.  While other comics were playing it safe with their characters Marvel turned on their heroes and gave them internal leprosy and this disease sold comics, toys, movies, even video games like you wouldn’t believe.Xmen 4

But you have to admit it's gone a little too far.  They’ve exploited every trait in their mutant culture.  Things have been increasingly turning more cheesy.  Look at:  Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat for PS3 as evidence.  What the hell was the thinking here guys?  Are you really that hard up for a buck?  I thought you were the master console race.

All of this got me thinking: which X-Men is the Weakest link?  And I answer Charles Francis Xavier better known as Professor X.  Here’s why:

XMen 31.  Why is he in a wheel chair if he’s physic?

I never understood this.  If his power is mind control can’t he just control his mind and make himself walk?  Is that really a stretch for his superhuman ability?  He’s able to hack into everyone’s mind but at no point does he think, “Hmmm, maybe I should use my own powers on myself?”

Does this guy have Münchhausen syndrome?

2.  Holier than thou my bum.

Xavier’s gift is telepath.  He is all about peace and keeping a balance between mutants and humans.  Stan Lee modelled this character after Martin Luther King Jr.

All of this is cool, but did you know Xavier has a demon inside him?  X-Men #106 (August 1977)xmen5 the Evil Professor X is introduced.  Check it out if you haven’t, it's a breath of fresh air.

But why does this make him weak?  Professor X is notorious for helping others but can anyone remember one time he looked into himself?  Imagine if he did.

If Jean Grey is supposed to be this crazy all powerful mutant why isn’t Xavier?  Why isn't this darkside explored more?  Being perfect is boring -- look at Superman.  I wouldn't mind seeing this side of X explored more in games, movies, comics, etc.

xmen13.  Talk is cheap.    

All this guy ever wants to do is talk.  Dr.  Phil meet your equal.  X has the power to make you think anything but he wants to chat your head off.  I’m not saying take away someone’s freewill but maybe show them both paths and let them decide.  Instead his number one tactic is talking...  How exciting.


There are hundreds of mutants out there with lame gifts.  Xavier made it to the top of my list as the weakest X-Men because of how much potential he has and how utterly boring he is.  Come on Marvel.  Seriously.  I understand what it's like to get an idea and run with it, but at some point you gotta step up your game a bit.

What do you think?  Am I wrong?  Who is your least favorite of the X-Men?

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Kirk Deis
Kirk Deis

1730 Points, 52 Comments, and 24 Articles.

My background is in screenwriting. I've ghost written, written for video games, written for blogs, copywriting, you name it odds are I've done it. Check out my website

  1. Rachael Ward
    Date: October 28, 2013
    Author: Rachael Ward

    2860 Points, 36 Comments, and 34 Articles.

    While I agree that Xavier is really given much to do given the fact that he is more of a mentor/stabilizing force for the X-men, but some of the arguments you bring up I respectfully disagree.

    Yes, he and Jean Gray share many abilities and all sources say he is supposed to be one of the most powerful mutants alive, but in all honesty, even he accepts the fact that Jean Gray is vastly more powerful (She just goes crazy due to the fact she is less experienced than he is and doesn’t have the same degree of control).

    I would also argue that as a character, Xavier has been given flaws (whether or not those flaws make him a more believable or endearing character is up to the viewer) but the fact that he tries to stay friends with Magneto, despite all the shit he’s done, is at least interesting. Also Xavier screwed up big time in regards in the Astonishing X Men (Dangerous) when the Danger Room AI gained sentience.

    I understand your grips but I would only agree with the statement that he is the worst X-men only because there is a lot of potential for a great character (See X-Men First class) and they’ve done little to nothing to build on that in the comics.

    • Kirk Deis
      Date: October 30, 2013
      Author: kirkus

      1730 Points, 52 Comments, and 24 Articles.

      They just released a X-men days of future past trailer feels like Marvel heard our concerns and might be playing with the idea of Xavier not being sure where he stands.

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