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GTA Online Science: Gaining RP and Skill Points

GTA Online Science: Gaining RP and Skill Points
Grand Theft Auto 5

I assume that if you are here reading this article then you are currently a member of the GTA online community. The prerequisite to using this guide is that you have completed the GTA online tutorial missions.

When you first make a character in GTA online you get to adjust the lifestyle of your character (i.e. how many hours he sleeps, hangs out with family, etc.) which will effect your base level stats in a variety of ways. Do not worry about this too much as I will show you how easy it is to raise these stats once you are playing in the game. I’ll address the stats in the order that I feel reflects their importance. Whenever I specifically state the mechanics of a skill I will enclose it in square brackets [ ] so as to make this an easier post to skim through.

So let’s start with the Driving skill. First, leave GTA online and enter story mode. From story mode start an invite only session. While leveling most of your skills, you are better off in an invite only game so that no players can join and kill you. Now, if you have over $15,000 and a garage, purchase a motorcycle off the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website (preferably one of the Bati bikes.)

[The driving skill is increased by 1 point for every 1 second your vehicle spends in the air. It is increased by an additional 1-2 points for successful stunt jumps. Holding wheelies on a motorcycle will also increase your skill more than simply driving around will. Simply driving does in fact increase your skill but slower than the aforementioned mechanics.]

With that said, hop on your motorcycle and drive towards the mountain range just north of the city. On your way there, try and hold wheelies and hit as many stunt jumps as you see along the way. Once in the mountains, build up speed try to repeatedly get huge air. Remember, 1 second of hang-time is equivalent to 1 skill point! You only need to be in the air for 100 seconds total in order to max out your driving skill even if you started with it at zero.

Now let’s move on to stamina. Stay in your invite only game and run around like a maniac. Keep pushing yourself to exhaustion, give your character a few seconds to rest, then rinse and repeat.

[Running 18 yards increases your stamina by 1 point. Swimming for one minute increases your stamina by 1 point.]

I would stick to running in order to increase stamina. Another great way that is slightly less boring is to do bike races out of the Job menu. Any time you are using the A button to move, you are increasing your stamina skill.

Surprisingly, the best way to raise your shooting skill is to partake in the shooting range challenges. I’m not exactly sure of the mechanics but they raise your skill very quickly. If you find this boring, then head over to a survival mode or rob a store and camp in the back room taking out police and SWAT for a while. [In general, successful shots increase your shooting skill.]


Flying is a tedious skill to raise. [10 minutes of flying raises your skill by 1 point. Flying under a bridge raises your skill by one point.] In order to fly you need a plane or a chopper. The best place to get one is at the small airport north of the prison. I’d suggest flying around and searching for bridges near waterways. Flying under the same bridge multiple times is pointless as you only get a stat point the first time you clear that bridge.

The Stealth skill is very easy to raise. I’m not sure of the exact mechanic; however, simply walking in stealth mode suffices to level your stealth skill. Find a straight open area and put something heavy enough on the controller to hold the Left analog stick forward. Go make a sandwich and take a shower. Come back to the game after a half-hour and your stealth skill should be maxed out.

[Lung Capacity is increased by 1 point for every 1 minute you are holding your breath underwater.] In order to raise this skill, swim around and repeatedly dive down, hold your breath and resurface before your health starts draining.

[20 punches landed will increase your strength by 1 point.] The best way to raise the strength skill is to have a friend hop in a car and then repeatedly punch the car. You won’t lose health and neither will your friend but you’ll rapidly gain strength.

This second part of this guide is meant to show you one of the more efficient ways to gain RP. I am not implying that I have tested every method; however, this method is fast and can easily gain you upwards of 40k RP per hour while playing entirely by yourself. People report methods of easily gaining almost 10 times this amount but I have tried nearly all of them and most of them turn out to be horse hockey.

My method of leveling consists of repeatedly doing the Criminal Records race. In case you don’t know how to host a job: pause the game, go to Online -> Jobs-> Host Job -> Rockstar Created -> Races -> Criminal Records. For sake of efficiency either use motorcycles or Super cars. Set the lap number to 1. Make the weather clear (rain adds a few seconds to your race time.) Depending on how modded your car is the race itself takes 25-35 seconds. You really should try and keep your time below 30 seconds. The most time consuming aspect of leveling is the time it takes you to restart the race. On average it takes almost a full minute between the end of the race and the start of the next one. This puts you at 90 seconds for the full Criminal Record race and waiting times. If you are performing this alone, you will get a maximum of 1000 RP per race which puts you at 40,000 RP per hour. With one or more crew members this can be tripled with ease as long as everyone gets through the vote screen and ready screen as quickly as you were on your own. Trying to do this in a random group will give you more RP per win but on average will DRASTICALLY increase your waiting time between races. This consequently lowers your RP per hour.

I plan on slowly releasing my excel document with the exact statistics for RP gains in every GTA race so keep checking back for more GTA Online Science guides!

EDIT: I have stumbled across a more efficient way to gain RP. Set the Criminal Records race to 3 laps and make sure you are playing with at least 1 friend. At the end of the first lap you will both get 4500 RP!


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