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Top 5 Samurai Games To Play

Top 5 Samurai Games To Play

Samurai games are fun to play because players are able to play as one of not only history's greatest warriors.  Walking around with a katana, killing enemies, and protecting the innocent can be satisfying; its not everyday that a person can do that in real life.  So playing as a samurai can bring fun and excitement.  Here are top 5 samurai games to play to fulfil your inner samurai.  (There are many samurai games to decide from and was difficult to choose for the top 5.)

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny was game released for the Playstation 2 in 2002 and this was the second instalment of the Onimusha series.  This was one of Capcom's series that didn't take place in modern times or in the future, instead the game took place in Feudal Japan.Player's took control of the main protagonist, Jubei Yagyu, who took on a path to stop the evil doings of Oda Nobunaga.  Jubei Yagyu's character model was based on a famous Japanese actor, Yusaku Matsuda.  Can you see the resemblance from the video?  Jubei was also based on Yagyu Munetoshi, who was a famous samurai during the Sengoku period.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny Trailer

A Tribute to Yusaku Matsuda

Shogun: Total War was a real-time strategy (RTS) and a turn-based strategy game for the PC.  Instead of stages in a typical samurai game, there was a large scale of multiple battlefields. This game took players the control of commander of an army of samurai on the battlefield.  Shogun Total War took the RTS experience to a new level of commanding large armies in Feudal Japan.  This was a game for players who wanted to control a large army to dominate the battlefield instead of playing as a single samurai.

Shogun: Total War Trailer 

Way of the Samurai was a PS2 samurai game that has brought gameplay after historical Japanese events.  With the success of Way of the Samurai, there has been releases over the years and Way of the Samurai 3 for the current consoles.  The experience of making decisions during gameplay can impact the storyline and the main character as well.  Its up to the player to make the right or wrong decisions that will impact future events.

Way of the Samurai - PS2 Gameplay

Samurai Warriors was released for the PS2 in 2001. This game  played like Dynasty Warriors, but instead with Japanese history rather then Chinese history.  The game offered players the chance to play as Japan's warriors and famous historical figures as Oda Nobunaga.  Mowing down hundreds or even thousands of enemies as a samurai can be satisfying, even though it can be repetitive at times.

Samurai Warriors PS2 Gameplay

Kengo: Master of Bushido was a real experience of fighting man-to-man using deadly katanas.  This game isn't like any other samurai game because it didn't play like an action, but rather then a serious fight between two people.  This can be seen in the famous movie, Seven Samurai, where two samurai duel; with one winner in the end.  The gameplay can be odd and slow at times, but the game was going for a realistic feel to instead  of other samurai games.  The good thing about this game is the training, which allows players to train their character to increase their status and experience training that a real samurai might of trained.

Kengo: Master of Bushido PS2 Gameplay

Lets Play Kengo - Training 

Samurai games haven't been seen as much on the current consoles for some reason. Maybe there not as popular now, who knows?  In the end, samurai games are a way for players to relive the action from many great samurai movies such as Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Zatoichi, and other great samurai movies.

Here are great samurai fight scenes, sit back and enjoy the show.

Seven Samurai Fight Scene

13 Assassins Multiple Sword Fight Scene

Greatest Japanese Movie Sword Fight Ever!

There are other samurai games that could be on the list, which samurai games are on your list of top 5 samurai games to play?

Honorable mentions; Samurai Showdown, Bushido Blade, Kessen, Soul of the Samurai, and many, many, more.

Which samurai game/s are your favorite?

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  1. Date: October 21, 2013
    Author: Scott

    Kengo was fun, but it should’ve done away with the health bar.

    One big one I think you missed, Bushido Blade. It maybe was a bit broader than samurai, but still featured samurai and katana combat.

    • exceeding09
      Date: October 21, 2013
      Author: andrew-aoyama

      5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

      I used to have Kengo and I regret that I don’t have the game anymore.

      Yeah, I know. Bushido Blade was a great game and I own a copy myself. Considering the article, the top 5 samurai games to play, it was difficult to choose from the many samurai games our there.

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