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Pokemon X & Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Episode 1

Pokemon X & Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Episode 1
Pokémon X & Y

[This is the journalistic chronicles of Seth's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke challenge run. I've decided to go full-on embarrassing and start all out role playing with this shit. Entries will be told in a first person, journalistic story setting, because I started having way too much fun writing it that way. Click Here for an introduction to the story. Stay tuned for much more!]


Waking up, I knew today would be different than the rest, something told me. Maybe it was that strange Pokemon video game introduction-themed dream I had last night, but I couldn't be sure. Regardless, there was a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I was anxious to start my day.

2013-10-17 20.36.53

I wanted to head out in my pajamas, but my mother was having none of that, so I changed. Comfort over style is not a thing in this household. Immediately out my door I was greeted by a couple of the neighbor girls, Shauna and Serena. The two of them told me that the local Professor Sycamore was looking for a group of kids willing to go out and adventure, and I was to be summoned. I wondered if it was the same professor Sycamore that I saw in my dream last night. Not 20 seconds later I had met the rest of the kids, and after a quick introduction they already liked me well enough to assign me a nickname.

Naturally, all of their suggestions were garbage, so I elected instead to come up with my own, because that’s totally how nicknames work. The choice I was going to make was obvious:

2013-10-17 20.43.14

Dr. S. Because when people talk to and about me, I want them to know they’re talking to a professional. Someone who had dedicated the majority of their educational life to Pokemon, and has earned the title, god dammit.


[“But Seth, your character is like, 12 years old maybe? That’s completely unreasonable that he would have at this point in his life reached the milestone of earning his doctorate.”

I'm role playing, here. Or something. Shut up?]


After having accepted that nickname with natural universal praise, I was one of them.

Immediately afterwards, the crew presented me with a choice of 3 Pokemon. I picked Fennekin, since because of my encyclopaedic knowledge fitting for a real doctor I knew he would eventually evolve into a psychic type, meaning his destiny would be becoming a fox fire-warlock. If that doesn’t sound amazing to you, general journal audience, you and I have very different personal values.

2013-10-17 20.55.03

My new friends asked me if I wanted to give it a nickname. I thought for a while, looking long and hard into my new Pokemon’s eyes, searching and hoping the perfect name would come to me as I was lost in it’s gaze.

Unfortunately nothing came to me, so I panicked and picked something stupid, instead.

2013-10-17 22.34.37

Dr. S and Mr. FoxNFire were now a team. I was nervous, since even though I am a professional with an official, commonly accepted title to prove it, I held this Pokemon’s life in my hand, and if I didn’t take care of it I would lose it forever. I knew - or maybe hoped - I wouldn’t let that happen.

Before I truly set off, one of the girls, Shauna, challenged me. She had picked a Chespin, the grass-type. I bested her easily since Mr. FoxNFire knew Ember and that made things kind of a little unfair. My Pokemon gained his first level, and I felt a little more confident as a result. My Pokemon took his first step to becoming nice and strong, each level keeping him a little bit further away from death.

I was free, now. The world was open to me.  My Pokemon journey was on it’s way, and my mind kept trying to decide if it was nervous or excited.

On my way to the next town, I ran into a couple of my friends again. They made me watch as Serena, caught a Pokemon. This is weird, since I just previously made them aware of my doctor status. I humored them, though, acting surprised and impressed as one managed to wrangle a Scatterbug into her Pokeball. Only after did she think I was ready to try it on my own, she gifted me 10 Pokeballs to use and I knew the first Pokemon I encountered on this route would be a new permanent companion on my team.

2013-10-17 22.49.57

I was ready. In this tall grass before me my next party member and travelling companion awaited, and I was about to meet it. I stepped forward into that tall, rustly patch of destiny and found her waiting for me:

2013-10-18 02.17.00

Just look at those fucking eyes. That bird just wants to be loved, and I feel like I’m just the trainer to provide that.  A couple scratches by my Fennekin and a Pokeball toss later and it was mine.

I dubbed it “Chirpyhop”, because I really just want to prove to everyone that I’m awful at naming things.

With a second Pokemon in tow I reached the end of Route 2 and stepped into Santalune Forest. With my 4 friends hanging out around me I felt at the height of my confidence. Shauna was trailing behind me, acting as a personal Pokemon Center and healing my team whenever I requested it. I realized I could use this to my advantage, to get Chirpyhop up to level before I continued on. I remembered I was in a new area and could catch a new Pokemon, so again I walked into some tall grass with increasing anticipation.

A few steps in and I met my next teammate. A Weedle, who had considerably less adorable eyes than my other two critter companions, so I had less enthusiasm for her to be on my team, but rules are rules. A quick battle later and I had my 3rd team member. I was feeling particularly uninspired when I was nicknaming her:

2013-10-18 02.26.14

Heh heh, that’s a people’s name. Also a man’s name. I had less faith in Gary to survive the journey, though, since bug Pokemon are notoriously squishy, and this one was level 2. Still, I had the medic with unlimited resources following me around, so I would have to put in the work to catch her up in levels, as well.

The forest was large and sprawling, with many dead ends and trainers abound who wanted to take me on. Relying on Mr. FoxNFire to carry the team, I frequently sent in Gary and Chirpyhop first, immediately switching out for my Fennikin to clean up so everyone could get some experience. Through the grass I spotted more Pokemon I would have rather had on my team, but I’ll have to make the most out of what I got. One trainer in particular had their own Pikachu, and a quick consultation with the Pokedex told me they were only found in this forest.

Beating it gave me little satisfaction, and I left with more jealousy than pride.

Regardless, I cleared the forest, my team much stronger and bigger than when I entered. Route 3 was next, which would lead me to the first city, Santalune. Route 3 would also be where I would find my fourth team member, ability to catch them permitting. I stepped up to the grass, for the third time high with anticipation, and…

2013-10-18 17.31.48

Sweet Jesus.

I couldn’t believe my luck. My consultation of the Pokedex was shamefully inaccurate, and I cursed my ignorance. My hands were shaking. Gary was first in the party, but I switched her out because I didn’t want to risk poisoning the poor thing, risking it’s death before I could heal it. Mr. FoxNFire took ovrer, and one of his scratches took it down to half health. His thundershock response paralyzed me, but I was unfazed. A hard determination had crept up on me. I needed him.

Scratch would do less damage than an Ember, so I put in Chirpyhop because she was weaker and the damage I had done wasn't quite enough. I know the Pikachu's thundershock had a high chance of mortally harming Chirpyhop, but my determination wouldn't let logic or care to deter it. I told her to tackle, and-

I killed it.

With a heart wrenching cry the Pikachu let out it's final breath and fell over, dead.  While all of my party gained levels from the encounter, I felt rather empty.

My medic sidekick had left me, I felt considerably more vulnerable without the warm assurance of instant heals after a trainer battle. Couple that with Mr. FoxNFire’s paralysis that I couldn’t cure, the Pikachu I had shamefully murdered, and the trainers in front of me, and my post-forest high spirits had been obliterated.

I pushed on, though, and relied on the few Potions I had picked up to keep my Pokemon as healthy as I could manage until I could reach the town.

2013-10-18 17.45.33

Smashing in the faces of preschooler’s Pokemon lifted my spirits a bit, which I got to do a few more times before finally reaching the city limits of Santalune.

The first thing I did once inside was stop by the Pokemon Center. With my team healed up, I walked with heavy feet to the first real test of my Pokemon trainer career: the first gym. I couldn’t keep my feet from shaking as I stood looking up at that grand building. I had three filled Pokeballs on me as I stepped through the door, and I let out a silent prayer as I crossed the threshold that I wouldn’t leave with less.

End Of Chapter Summary:

Pokemon in party: 3

Attempted catches missed: 1

Pokemon lost: 0

Gym badges: 0


Read Chapter 2 Here: Our Hero's First Gym, And Other Maybe Less Important Happenings


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    Date: October 23, 2013
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    This sounds exhausting. I could never do it. Although I do think the game can be too easy at times. But I level grind a lot, so I feel like if you just barreled through the game, you’d have quite a challenge as it is. This is brilliant, but nuts. :P I’m excited to see what happens though.

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