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Pokemon X & Y: Nuzlocke Challenge – Introduction

Pokemon X & Y: Nuzlocke Challenge - Introduction
Pokémon X & Y

At the time of writing, Pokemon X & Y had just been released last weekend. Like many others, I got my impatient hands on it as soon as possible, and proceeded to absorb myself in it, letting the nostalgia of Pokemon wash over me as I once again set out to become the very best, like no one ever was. Over the next few days every second of free time I had I lost myself into the game, plowing through with a determination not seen in a new game experience since, well,Wind Waker HD, I guess.

For a glorious weekend and a few days after, I barely tore my eyes away from my trusty 3DS. The new Pokemon game managed to unearth feelings I haven’t felt since the early days of my childhood, bringing me back to my addiction to my Game Boy Color with Pokemon Silver. Coming into Pokemon X & Y I had kept myself intentionally in the dark, refusing to look into the multitude of leaks leading up to the game’s release. I wanted to play through with fresh eyes, in an attempt to force into it that sense of child-like wonder and discovery.

And let me tell you: it worked.

But this isn’t a review. I’m not here to tell you the game is fantastic (it is), I’m not here to discuss the merits of the new graphics (they’re great) or talk about the changes to the core gameplay (Gamefreak is made up of a bunch of geniuses I love you).

Long story short, I barrelled through the game and reached the credits. I know there was more to do, with a substantial endgame to work with and a party that was in desperate need of leveling. I wanted to start again, though. I wanted to do it again, restart from the beginning, but this time I wanted to attempt something I haven’t before on any Pokemon game prior.

I’m going for the Nuzlocke challenge.

"But Seth, what in the hell even is a Nuzlocke challenge?" none of you are probably asking yourselves. Don't worry, hypothetical being who only exists to segue into explanation, I'll tell you:

For those unfamiliar, the Nuzlocke challenge has a couple of base rules. Taken from the original comic series, the origins are detailed here, from the creator. He creates these rules:

Rule #1: I can only catch the first Pokemon I see in a given route. If I fail to catch that Pokemon, I’m screwed and that route is dead to me now.

Rule #2: If a Pokemon faints, I must release that Pokemon. For all intents and purposes, that Pokemon is dead, and I can no longer use them.

In addition, I am defining a few rules for myself. These are:

Rule #3: I have to nickname every Pokemon I catch.

One of the goals of this mode is to create a stronger bond between trainer and Pokemon, and nicknaming them creates a stronger connection.

Rule #4: I have to play with “set” battle rules.

Under normal settings, the game gives the player a chance to switch out their Pokemon when an AI opponent is about to send out a new Pokemon. This gives the player an advantage, so they can make sure to always get the jump on a battle type advantage. I’m changing that, so it works more like a competitive battle, where if I want to change Pokemon mid-battle, I have to sacrifice a turn.

I know, based on my previous playthrough, that the exp share item is a little overpowered with how it doles out experience points to every ‘Mon in the party, so I’m unsure of whether I’m going to leave it on or off. If it starts to become too easy, I’m going to turn it off, but right away I’ll keep it on.

With that being said, I’ll be chronicling my way through my journey, here. I expect to get fairly emotional, I have a tendency to already get pretty attached to my little virtual critters, the idea of them dying forever already scares me a little.

The stage is set, and I’m ready to begin. Let’s get dangerous.

Read Now: Chapter 1: Choices, Nicknames, and Pokemon I’m Really Not Too Thrilled To Have To Keep

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  1. Rachael Ward
    Date: October 18, 2013
    Author: Rachael Ward

    2860 Points, 36 Comments, and 34 Articles.

    Sounds like an awesome idea. I might give that a try after I get my first playthrough of Y.

  2. Date: October 18, 2013
    Author: Misterell

    Good luck, Seth :F

  3. Date: October 18, 2013
    Author: Hollee

    I have never once in my 14 years of playing Pokemon played with “set” battle rules. Good luck young sir.

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