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150 Pokémon: Gotta Remember ‘Em All

150 Pokémon: Gotta Remember 'Em All

Back in the day during the late 1990s, there was a TV show called Pokémon.  This was the introduction of an unknown cartoon (anime) for western viewers and the beginning of a huge fan base of Pokémon and to this day. Many children during that time may have watched Pokémon on TV after school or during their summer vacation.  There may have been middle school and high school students may have also watched the show.  Many children who are adults now may feel a nostalgic feeling when they hear the Pokémon original intro, to them it was a childhood memory.  (This article will not include Mew)

Pokémon Original Intro 

Many children at that time also had Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red for the Gameboy.  Some of them played during the morning, afternoon, and/or evening.  Some of them even brought their Gameboy to school and may have gotten in trouble for playing the game in class.  These games also has a nostalgic feeling to those who had a Gameboy with Pokémon Blue and/or Pokémon Red.


The Pokédex, a digital encyclopaedia/Pokémon database, was really helpful during the game because it kept all the Pokémon the player has caught or seen.  This was another way to remember the Pokémon instead of watching the TV show, but it depended on how dedicated the player was.

Pokémon Trading Card Game was released for the Gameboy Color and this was another way to remember the 150 Pokémon.  This was a card game where players had a deck of Pokémon cards, where they could win or lose new Pokémon cards from various opponents.

Pokémon: Trading Card Game (Gameboy Color) - Part 1

Remembering math formulas, the periodic table, and other information can be daunting at times. However, could it be easier or difficult to remember the 150 Pokémon, which was shown on TV and seen in the video games?

Here are two quizzes that you can take to see if you name the original 150 Pokémon.  The names have to be spelled correctly or the answer won't register.  If you can't spell some of the names correctly, even though you can say it, then it will affect your score. Correct spelling and memorization (childhood, etc.....) is the key to success to remembering all 150 Pokémon.  There's also a time limit to put pressure on you.

Can you name the original 150 Pokémon?  (My Score 48/150- 1st Attempt)

Created by scootrue00

Can you name the Original 150 in Pictures? (My Score 104/150 - 1st Attempt)

Created by Ashlee1006

The credit goes to these two individuals for creating these cool quizzes and the writer has no affiliation with them.


Can you beat my score on the first attempt?

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  1. Rachael Ward
    Date: October 17, 2013
    Author: Rachael Ward

    2860 Points, 36 Comments, and 34 Articles.

    It is definitely hard. I somehow can remember every single one (I blame that catchy rap song from the show), but I can’t spell their names for the life of me. Still fun to see that even after all these years and learning the about the new generations, that I can still remember the original 150. Planning on making a whole Kanto region team when I can in Pokemon Y.

    • exceeding09
      Date: October 17, 2013
      Author: andrew-aoyama

      5240 Points, 41 Comments, and 79 Articles.

      Same here, it was difficult. I know some of the names, but I couldn’t spell it the right way. I still remember watching the Pokérap after the episodes back in the day. Nice, it would cool to have a Kanto region team for Pokémon Y and have fun making it.

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