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Character of the Year: Trevor Phillips

Character of the Year: Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V could be considered the Character of the Year.   First of all, he is one badass m%^#@! f$%@%#.  Trevor is a man of his word and does anything he wants when he sets his mind to it.  Even though he has a short temper and gets mad easily when things don't go his way, he does his best to take any action required to satisfy himself.

GTA V - Trevor Best Moments 

This can be seen when he takes out a whole group of people who wants him dead.  If Trevor can stand up to any gunfight he gets into, there's going to be trouble at the other end of his sight.  The people/person doesn't know they're getting into when facing him until they're killed.  Trevor can walk the walk and talk the talk.


When he isn't shooting anyone, he can say and yell anything that would make any normal person fear him.  Trevor has said crazy stuff to his friends and enemies.  As they say, keep your friends closer and keep your enemies closer.   However, Trevor has a good side to him from small talk and some of his actions.  Throughout the game, he shares his experiences in life and isn't afraid to speak his mind about it.  He is a man that has pride and any person trying to take that away from him is going to be yelled at or killed.  What can you expect from a guy who has been in trouble with the law many times, has killed many people who got in his way, and can still get away with it.

Trevor Phillips isn't afraid to yell or kill to get his way.  This makes him a man that can take care of himself with no trouble and anywhere he goes, is a playground for his wrath.  It would be a wise choice for people to stay on his good side or he will hunt them down and make their lives a living hell.


If he were a real person, he would be the person to be avoided or face the consequences of the uncertainty.  With him, anything could happen.  In the end, no other GTA character can be compared to him and there will always be one Trevor Phillips to get things done.

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