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Walkthroughs: Are They Really A Bad Thing?

Walkthroughs: Are They Really A Bad Thing?

I've come across many gamers in my life, and upon talking to them and telling them all that I use walkthroughs to help me get out of sticky situations in my games, I instantly get a negative response for it. Something along the lines of...

"Real gamers don't use walkthroughs."

Obviously, this does get to me a bit. Having been a gamer for almost my whole life, I'd like to think I'm a real gamer. However, coming across all of this negative reaction did make me question whether or not using walkthroughs is really that bad of a thing to do. I want to try and take a look at both sides of the argument and see if using walkthroughs is really such a terrible thing.

On one side of the fence, you have people like me, who use walkthroughs when they're completely stuck and have no idea what to do. An example of this for me would be when I was stuck in Agrabah in the original Kingdom Hearts game. I was looking for Bazaar for at least 2

Using Walkthroughs

Sometimes you just need some help...

months, and I finally gave up and used a walkthrough for help. I get discouraged very quickly, and if it wasn't for that walkthrough I found, I honestly couldn't tell you whether or not I would have finished that game.

Another example would be how I often get stuck in Final Fantasy games. There are some bosses throughout the series that I just can't help but get stuck at. Sometimes they require a special strategy I have no clue about, and those walkthroughs that go into detail about stuff like that are priceless.

While still on the topic of Final Fantasy games, there are often secret weapons, bosses, and other treasures that take a lot of searching and general curiosity to find. With walkthroughs, we don't have to add hours to our game searching for those things ourselves. So not only do they help us get out of parts of games that are just unbelievably difficult, they also help us locate some extra stuff here and there.

Now we can flip the switch, and look to the side of the gamer who doesn't like or use walkthroughs. I guess you could say that those who use walkthroughs for gaming are the same as kids who ask their dad for help with a video game. It could be seen as needing a hand to hold while you go through the ups and downs of the game.

Those who are against using walkthroughs can take credit for being hardcore, and making it through the entire game, and discovering items, and beating monsters themselves. Without any guidance, and I'd happily give them that star mark. It definitely takes a patient soul to go through a hard game without any type of help.

In the end, I do think that people who do and do not use walkthroughs are in different

Using Walkthroughs

Being stuck on a boss battle for months is no fun at all...

situations. It doesn't make us any less of a real gamer if we do like using walkthroughs, it might mean something else. I'd mostly cut it down to impatience or desperation.

Some people just don't want to sit there for hours on end looking for that door to the next area, when they have busy lives and know that looking up a walkthrough can easily solve all of their problems. While other simply get desperate, and don't want to wait any longer to move on.

Using walkthroughs really isn't something to freak out about. Some people need them, and some don't. It doesn't make us any less or more of a gamer. It's simply a case of needing or wanting them to get us out of the situation we're in.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Do you use walkthroughs? Are you against them? What do you think is the main reason a gamer would use a walkthrough?

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