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10 Awesome Fan-Made Gaming Inspired Music Videos

10 Awesome Fan-Made Gaming Inspired Music Videos

The video games fan community are some of the most talented and creative people around. Every year fans around the world produce fan art, and films and make elaborate costumes to pay tribute to their favourite video game franchises. For creative fans with musical talents games can serve as a big inspiration, be they cover versions or original creations. Some have even managed to turn it into their jobs!

Today we're assembling a collection of ten of our favourite for your listening (and viewing) pleasure. There's a lot of fantastic music out there that this isn't on this list and we hope that this will inspire you to go out and find more... or maybe make some of your own! be sure to check out the links too, to hear more great music by the talented folks who produced these videos.

Nerdy power-couple Screen Team make geeky musical parodies of all sorts, including movies and comic books as well as video games. Not all their videos are musical, but the ones that are a re arguably the most fun.You can see more on their Youtube channel! This is their most recent effort based on some little game called Grand Theft Auto.


The hirsute Smooth McGroove has managed to build up quite a reputation for himself with incredible acapella renditions of video game music. Earlier this year he teamed up with Dookieshed to produce something a bit different- this Pokemon theme parody.

Lindsey Stirling is an incredibly talented violinist and gamer with quite a following online. All her work is great, but this rendition of the Skyrim theme with vocal accompaniment by Peter Hollens is the absolute best. Great video too!

There's no fancy video or clever ideas with this version of the Super Mario Land theme: it's just a perfectly performed rendition of one of handheld gaming's most memorable tunes. By David Choi and Paul Dateh

Nerd Alert might just be the first video game parody Boy Band. This ditty imagines the plight of gaming's favourite player two. Poor Luigi, we feel your pain, brother!

Sam Hart is an amazingly talented singer/song-writer who can write excellent "proper" music, on more traditional subjects like love and stuff. But he's perhaps best known for the awesome Mario Kart Love song, a classic of video game inspired music!

BrentalFloss is another prolific video maker, and passionate game fan. Nintendohemian Rhapsody is an amazing Nintendo-ised version of Queen's all-time classic Bohemian Rhapsody.


There's an awful lot of versions of the Mario theme out of there. But few can touch this amazing acapella rendition from Julien Neel and Nick McKaig

IamDanica has already written a Pokemon love song, but she followed up with this lovely Legend Of Zelda inspired tune, Princess of Destiny. Great stuff!

How about we end with a bit of culture, eh? The Video Games Music Choir are exactly what they sound like. In the past they've covered everything from Final Fantasy to Pokemon, via Portal. This is a stunning rendition of Night Song from World of Warcraft

Who are your favouite gaming musicians? Let us know, below!

For more gaming fanmade music, art, cosplay and videos check out Bonus Stage

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