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Do Legends Help Sell WWE Games?

Do Legends Help Sell WWE Games?

With all of the recent talk and buzz surrounding WWE games, mostly WWE 2K14, which comes out later this month, one thing I've taken note of is the strong opinion on legends being featured prominently throughout WWE games' history. Some love it, and some hate it. However, there's been one question on my mind while reading all of these opinions... Are legends necessary? Do they help sell WWE games anymore than a regular roster member?

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been featured in almost all WWE games since Warzone all the way back in 1998. One must think they keep him in there because he sells well. Austin was the face of the company during its most popular time, the Attitude Era. He's a huge and well known star both in and out the ring. I can see Austin being able to draw in former fans to play WWE 2K14, and many of the other WWE games before it.

The Rock was once a rookie in the WWF, who went on to become a mega star in Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson has had a career like no other, and it all started in WWE. He too, has been featured prominently alongside Stone Cold in almost every WWE game since Warzone. A case can be made for The Rock by saying he brings in both casual and former viewers, who might take an interest in a game that features their favorite wrestler/movie star.

Do Legends Help Sell WWE Games?

Rock and Hogan shake hands after recreating their WrestleMania X8 match in WWE 2K14.

However, that still leaves us with the big question. Do legends help sell WWE games?

I'm going to have to say yes on this one. You have to look at it from the creators point of view. In this case, 2K Sports. They want to make as much profit as they can off of the WWE series, and knowing that the modern target audience for WWE is kids and their parents, they might not be the biggest of video game players. Which means they'll have to target the teens and former fans. Those fans, who might not watch or even care about the current product.

While legends are no doubt a selling point, they're not the selling point. There are many others, including creation features as well as the modern day roster. WWE games should be a mix of everything, which is what 2K have done here with WWE 2K14. I really think the legends and modern roster need each other, in order to balance everything out.

It does sometimes irk me that legends seem to be getting more attention this year than the current day roster who work all the time, but then I have to sit back and realize that this is all a

Do Legends Help Sell WWE Games?

Antonio Cesaro hits Daniel Bryan with a European Uppercut.

marketing strategy, in order to win over every fan base they possibly can, and maximize profits. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love that we get Yokozuna in the game, that's totally awesome. However... I can't help but feel like I'd rather have Fandango on disc.

While some of us are getting angry about guys like Rock and Hogan getting the spotlight in WWE 2K14, we just need to remember that in 20 years time, we're going to be getting angry about John Cena and Randy Orton constantly being legends in WWE games. It's just something we have to be a little more lighthearted about.

Which legend are you guys looking forward to the most? I'm looking forward to Razor Ramon the most, personally. Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Date: October 25, 2013
    Author: Angel

    Legends absolutely help a game sell. Fans like me who lived through N64′s golden age of wrestling games have been longing for another gem to pop up. I detested the smackdown series and hadn’t played a new game until WWE 12′ came along. I like the direction the series is going. The roster is the only reason I buy these titles…plus the majority of this generations lineup of “superstars” couldn’t hold a candle to the Pros of the past. So if this game only hit shelves with the current roster, I would never but it.

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