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Steam Gets Its Own Controller

Steam Gets Its Own Controller

One thing Steam has admitted to lacking throughout all its success is its own brand of controller. Among a slew of recent announcements, Steam has publicized their plans to fill that void. Introducing the Steam Controller.

This surprisingly innovative piece of hardware will work with all games available on Steam, old and new. The most notable feature of the controller is the dual trackpads, which have replaced the traditional joysticks and directional pads of past controllers. These sensitive, circular surfaces seem to resemble laptop touch panels and are said to offer a "vastly superior control scheme," according to Steam's own website.  Adding to that a simple, ergonomic design and a center touch-screen, this controller could be toying with industry-changing greatness.rpXtkS7wN015ydv9WAXdngf0zytXQczbIG4NvDWZCjE

There are quite a few other buttons on the controller as well, ditching the tradition of cramming all the buttons to one side in favor of a more symmetrical layout.

The trackpads supposedly use very precise, low-latency technology, but it does make you wonder if the player will lose some sense of control from the lack of resistance offered by the pads. There's something very satisfying about the tangible reactions that joysticks and circle-pads have to the touch of players thumbs. I can say that, personally, when I try to play smart phone games that rely on a touch-screen interface, it's difficult to get the game to do what I want because I'm essentially smearing my fingers across a flat, uniformed surface. Perhaps, the circular ribs of the trackpads will fix this issue by adding something for your thumbs to feel.

What do you think? Will the new Steam Controller be a revolutionary piece of hardware that will feed Steam's success? Or will players write it off as an unnecessary add-on and rely on their mouse and keyboard?


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  1. Date: September 28, 2013
    Author: Jared

    Huh, this might get me back into my Steam account. Lately I’ve been using my xbox because the controllers make it so I can play on the treadmill.

    This may also work for that!

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