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Volition Uses GTA V Release to Promote Expansion

Volition Uses GTA V Release to Promote Expansion
Grand Theft Auto 5 Saints Row 4

Anyone who uses Twitter on a regular basis would understand the importance of hash tags and trending topics. A trending topic gets more activity on the Twittersphere, leading to more discussion and popularity of whatever topic it's relating to.

On September 17, the same day that Grand Theft Auto V has been released to the general public, the Saints Row twitter page has been buzzing. Why, you might ask? The GATV expansion pack has hit Steam for free and Deep Silver, the publisher of Saints Row IV, has promoted the expansion via twitter with the trending tag #GATV.

See the similarities there?


Volition Gets Smart

At first, I thought it was a simple coincidence, with fat-fingered GTA fans accidentally triggering the wrong order of keys into their tweets. But under closer inspection, Deep Silver has paid for a promotional spot on twitter to get the tag on top of the trending list. Genius!

We'll have to wait until after the hype of Grand Theft Auto V to tell if Deep Silver's plot has worked. As far as I can tell, they're generating a lot of interest and informing a lot of people about the deal. I certainly wouldn't have noticed without the promoted tag.


People are upset?


Keep and eye on the trending topic.

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  1. Date: September 21, 2013
    Author: The Anti-Kollos

    Well played, Mr. Kollos. Well played.

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