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Soul Calibur Getting A Free To Play Outing

Soul Calibur Getting A Free To Play Outing

Not so long ago Namco Bandai's flagship fighting game Tekken was given a free-to-play makeover in the form of Tekken Revolution. The PSN download is a stripped-down version, with a severely limited rosta of fighters and the ability to unlock and/or purchase additional content. Presumably, Namco's gamble has paid off, as it has emerged that their other key fighting franchise- Soul Calibur- is next in line to get a FTP version.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords was announced in the latest issue of Japan's leading games mag Famitsu. At the moment little else is known, other than as with Tekken Revolution, Lost Swords will be initially released on Playstation 3. Release date, additional formats and the possibility of a western release remain up in the air.

Namco Bandai seem to be truly embracing FTP with some gusto. Aside from Lost Swords and Revolution, the Japanese firm has already released Tekken Card Tournament, Tank! Tank! Tank! and  free-to-play PC game Ridge Racer Driftopia. They are also currently working on a free version of their shooter Ace Combat.

Namco Bandai are just one of the latest big names embracing the FTP scene. Rival  fighting series Dead Or Alive and the Killer Instinct reboot coming to Xbox One will also be using the free-play model. Even Nintendo are bringing us a Free to Play game in the near future, with a new instalment of Steel Diver.


How do you fee about FTP? Is it the future or  false economy? Be sure to let us know, down below!

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