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Forza 5 Included With Xbox One Day One Edition In The UK

Forza 5 Included With Xbox One Day One Edition In The UK
Forza Motorsport 5

As many of you may know the official release date of the Xbox One has been announced as November 22, well today is also the day UK retailers have begun offering free copies of Forza Motorsport 5 to those who pre-order an Xbox One Day One Edition.


Xbox One Day One Edition Controller

The free copy of FIFA 14 and the Xbox One Day One Edition bundle was announced at Gamescom 2013 to only be available in Europe. Well Amazon UK, ShopTo and GameStop are now offering their customers the option to purchase the Console with the latest game in Turn 10's racing franchise instead of FIFA 14.

The Day One Edition of the Xbox One was previously sold out, but as a lot of you may know Microsoft has some how found a way to create more of their very quick selling consoles. "Because of the great progress we have seen and made by moving to full production and because of the demand, we have found a way to create more Day One SKus."

The Day One Edition Of The Xbox One is only available for pre-order, and contains a controller with "Day One" Engraved on the controller, the console will also come with an exclusive achievement for acquiring a Day One Console.

But still Microsoft has yet to announce if the latest promotional offer will be made out side of the UK. Or if there will be any promotional offers made for other countries exclusive to their country.

Plus on a different side note, let me know if this makes you want to buy an Xbox One or not in the comments below.

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