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Mega Man Spiritual Successor Hits the Shelves in 2015

Mega Man Spiritual Successor Hits the Shelves in 2015
Mega Man

Keiji Inafune has produced dozens of titles but is best known for his work on Mega Man.  For years he was head of Research & Development at Capcom. Yet, recent Capcom projects regarding Mega Man have been trashed leaving this legendary gaming hero facing sure extinction from the minds and hearts of an ever changing gaming community. Keiji has stepped in and asked the question, Do the people want Mega Man back badly enough to justify his resurrection?

The answer is a resounding YES. Instead of taking the traditional route, Keiji’s startup studio “Comcept USA” began a Kickstarter campaign on Saturday. The game, due to the obvious legal issues with Capcom, is titled Mighty No. 9; however, it couldn't be any more obvious that Mighty No. 9’s main character Beck is just a modernized Mega Man.  Their goal was $900,000 and as I write this article they have already raised over $850,000. At this rate, it is extremely likely that Comcept will even reach their $2.5 million stretch goal which would bring the game to PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii U. 175px-Mega_Man_(Mega_Man_9)

At the current rate, the new Mega Man will reach its stretch goal in a few days at most. This means we'll see Mighty No. 9's six planned stages and bosses increased to eight. We'll get a version for Mac and Linux, as well as 'New Game Plus' mode that will allow one to play through the game again after beating it once, retaining some skills they've acquired from their first completion of the game. Oh and everyone's favorite, a super sped up Turbo Mode.

If the Kickstarter raises $2,000,000 (which it will) we will see a 'The Making of Mighty no.9 Video Documentary'. And again if Comcept raises over $2.5 million they will release the game on all three major consoles.

Why should you care? Well I'll tell you why I care. First off, Capcom is another large video game company that, while they release many great titles, has fallen pray to a common sickness in the big business end of the gaming industry. Along the lines of companies like Blizzard, its obvious that Capcom neglected to properly research the current profitability of the Mega Man franchise, writing it off as old news. The fact that Mighty No. 9's Kickstarter has raised one million dollars in less than 2 days is proof that their is a fanatic Mega Man following still to this day. Way to go Capcom, you just lost yourself a whole lot of money!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 1.52.31 AM

With any Kickstarter funded game we get content that is based heavily on players' opinions. It has become common for companies to release games in a somewhat-beta-like state (let's not forget Diablo 3's catastrophic release in 2012) and a Kickstarter page lets the feedback flow in early on in the development process. For this reason I truly think this new Mega Man title will be a new industry standard for side-scrolling games. Mighty No. 9's dev team wants you to participate in the creation of the game so make sure you get over to the Kickstarter now. Backing the project with just $20 earns you a digital download of the game upon completion and 'Backer status'.


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