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Free FIFA 14 Comes With Day One Edition Euro Xbox One Only

Free FIFA 14 Comes With Day One Edition Euro Xbox One Only

At this year's Gamecom Microsoft pulled a surprise announcement: that European Xbox One would include a free (digital) copy of the eagerly anticipated FIFA 14. Those who had already pre-ordered found themselves with a bit of a bonus- that their pre-order would be better value than it first appeared. Today however Microsoft have announced a caveat- that the offer is limited to the Day One Edition only.


Previously it had been stated that all European pre-orders would come with  EA Sport's megaselling footy sim.  Just last week, in fact:


So this is either yet another U-turn for the platform holder, or if we're feeling charitable possibly a mistake. Either way, if you live in Europe and you've pre-ordered the standard edition, well.. you're out of luck. So far MS have already had a change of heart on DRM, Kinect connection, launch countries, indie support and voice control, so hey.. it's not out of the question they'll change their mind again!

As well as FIFA, the box also contains an exclusive achievement and a "commemorative controller" so if you're a real fan you'll probably have plumped for the Day One edition anyway. The stock will be extremely limited so don't hang around.

The Xbox One will be available in North America and some parts of Europe in a yet to be confirmed date in November this year. No free game has been announced outside of Europe.




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