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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Launching This Week

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Launching This Week

Those pesky dead will walk again, as Telltale's The Walking Dead DLC 400 Days is being released across various formats starting this week. 400 Days is a brand new story that will serve as a kind of bridge between last year's Season 1, and the forthcoming Season 2 (which we do not currently have a release window for), and requires you own at least the first chapter of the game. To get the most from it however, you should have completed the first season in it's entirety.

The Walking Dead was considered by many to be the game of 2012, so this extra content has quite a reputation to live up to. You can decide for yourself if it pulls off as it launches this week. PSN users in North America can download it right now (or at least as soon as the update the store) for a wallet friendly $5.00. It will be available for PC and Mac from July 3rd, both via Steam and direct from the Telltale store. It will be available to Xbox gamers worldwide Friday July 5th,  with the Euro PSN store following on Wednesday July 10th. Last but not least, iOS users can grab it from  Thursday July 11th.

For more details on 400 Days, see here.


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