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E3: Telltale Tells Us About Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC; Due July

E3: Telltale Tells Us About Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC; Due July

Unless your brains have been eaten by zombies you're probably aware of how well received Telltale's Walking Dead game was. Scary, thought-provoking and surprisingly emotionally affecting, the episodic adventure was loved by critics and fans alike, scoring a brace of game of the year awards. "Season Two" is still some way off, but in the meantime Telltale are preparing an extra chapter 400 Days that will bridge seasons one and two, and will be available in all the relevant places (PSN, Xbox Live IOS etc) in July for $4.99 (prices and release dates for other territories are TBC).

You'll need to have at least chapter one of season one to get this, although to get the most out of it, it is to be recommended that you played all of them. Also, if you haven't played it yet, I would also recommend you stop reading this, lest you risk being spoiled. Got it?  Have they gone? Good.

Telltale have been showing off the DLC at this year's E3 and have released a trailer. The chapter concentrates on a set of brand new characters (well, it would need to) and charts their story over the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse.

Each of the 5 characters will have their own tale to tell, that can be played in any order. Each story will feature some cross over, with character's stories intersecting at various points.

In the original, each choice you made had ramifications, affecting the storyline in unexpected ways. This is equally true in 400 Days, where decisions you made in the previous chapters will have "echoes" in the new story. Even more intriguingly. your choices here will have an impact on the forthcoming season two as well.

Check out the E3 trailer below!

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