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Rebel Gaming E3 WishList: Robin’s Picks

Rebel Gaming E3 WishList: Robin's Picks

With E3 just around the corner, we video game fanatics all have ideas of things we would like to see. To me, E3 is all about the games (especially with the next-gen consoles already having been announced). And we shall see scores of games, but what am I most looking forward to? Keep reading to find out.


Infamous: Second Son

I squealed with joy when this title was announced for the PlayStation 4. As a recent PlayStation 3 convert (and soon to be a PlayStation 4 fangirl), Sucker Punch's Infamous is a title I always get excited about. Sure, Cole is gone in the new installment, but I quite like the look of new protagonist Delsin Rowe. Events in the new game are supposed to take place seven years after previous events, so it will feel like an all-new story. We have seen screenshots, but what I really want to see coming out of E3 is some gameplay footage. Judging from what we have already learned about the PS4, we know it's going to look amazing, right?

Dragon Age III

I am one of those rare gamers that not only liked the first Dragon Age, but also the second (many didn't and I really don't understand why). So obviously, it's time to see the third title in the series. We've been teased with just a few screenshots, but nothing that really gives us any idea what the new game will actually be about. BioWare promised this title for next-gen, and with next-gen here, it is my hope we get to see more. It could be wishful thinking that BioWare has anything ready yet, but this would be the top title on my list of "Must See and Must Play."

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated titles of the year. It's the one that all of the game journalists are talking about. I mean it's got hacking in it!!! And who doesn't love hacking in video games. It also looks nice, at least from what we've seen, so hopefully, we'll get some actual gameplay at E3. It's no surprise that this one was one of Chris' picks, too.


Now that Microsoft has shot itself in the foot with its "entertainment system," the PlayStation 4 is picking up major steam. Sony seems to be really paying attention to gamers this time around and I think they are going to own the console wars this year. I would like to see a lot more of the PS4 hardware, along with more exclusive game titles. This will probably be my first big buy of the year, so I obviously want to see continued proof that it will be worth it.

Arkham Origins

Who doesn't freakin' love Batman? Apparently, no one, considering the popularity of the Arkham games. Arkham Origins, though, is even more interesting than its predecessors. This one is set before events of the other games and we get to see a younger and more naive Batman at work in Gotham City. As this title is due for release in October, I expect we'll see a lot of coverage, trailers and gameplay at this year's E3 event.

So what about you, dear readers? What are your picks for E3 this year?

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