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Mirror’s Edge 2 could be on its way

Mirror's Edge 2 could be on its way

When the Xbox 360 was still in its prime, there was a game that seemed to stand out from the rest in terms of its unique take on the first person genre. Mirror's Edge, while not a perfect game, was still a breath of fresh air for folks who enjoy the first person perspective but not into shooting. After dashing over sterile roof tops and dodging an oppressive government, the game ended with Faith disappearing and a story left unfinished. However, after five years, a sequel could finally on the horizon.

Rumors surround this sequel have been all over the spectrum. According to, EA put a page on their website for Mirror’s Edge 2. Other websites such as have reported on a tweet from a former EA developer, Benjamin Cousins, that a sequel to Mirror’s Edge is already in development. If that is case, we may be looking at a premiere come next E3.

Though Mirror’s Edge did not sell as much as EA had hoped, it is nice to see that they willing to give it another chance. It was a game that dared to take the classic first person genre and try something new. That kind of creativity is something that seems to be gaining momentum in the video game industry, and here’s hoping that Mirror’s Edge 2 will keep the ball rolling.

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