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American McGee’s Oz: Ozombie is Revealed and Could Replace Alice 3

American McGee's Oz: Ozombie is Revealed and Could Replace Alice 3

Today American McGee left us with concept art not for Alice: Otherlands, but for a title known as OZombie along with a short message:

"Oh my... what's become of Dorothy? Definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Teaser art for a larger announcement we'll make later this week.

Depending on how discussions with EA wind up... We're off to Wonderland or Oz.

Which might you prefer?"- American McGee via Facebook

How do you feel about this sudden possible departure from Alice after all the petitioning done by fans? It seems a bit saddening for most, as the comments section showed many fans preferring Alice over Dorothy. Why not do both? Probably due to funding issues.

Oz was a project that was previously abandoned many years ago due to funding issues, before the time of Alice Madness Returns or it's potential sequel Alice: Otherlands.

On a side note, American discussed sending Alice into the minds of the great minds of the Victorian Era, and potentially to France to explore the minds of the famous painters of the time. He also released more Alice: Otherlands concept art, this time of the London Alice will be visiting.

With so much hype surrounding Alice: Otherlands, it seems like a bad idea to turn back to Oz. The Alice in Otherland petition has already reached past 12,000 signatures, with a planned closing to the petition when it reaches it's one year anniversary. With the Alice Kickstarter planned for July much is still left up in the air as American talks with EA.

Let American McGee know what you think on his official Facebook page, or the Alice in Otherlands page, he directly communicates with fans so your voice will be heard! If you want to see Alice return to Wonderland, or want to see Dorothy go to the new world of OZombie don't be afraid to speak up. American has shown time and time again that he really listens to the fans, so be vocal guys.


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  1. Date: May 13, 2013
    Author: KAL

    i don’t like Oz – OZombies the video game with Dorothy because i don’t want Dorothy to go to the new world of OZombies but i really like American McGee’s Alice In Wonderland Better than OZombies but American McGee said that in American McGee’s Alice it was about battling emotional demons and psychological issues while in Alice Madness Returns it was the battle for the physical domain (you know Londerland which is her older sister Lizzie’s Wonderland). and the third chapter of the story will find Alice combining these powers and she will be able to travel into other people’s minds (kinda like star wars and the matrix). he said that Alice has mastered the psychological and physical challanges she can use her powers for good because she is a good superhero. and i pray that Alice – Otherlands will release on video game consoles PC, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, a regular Nintendo Wii System, and Nintendo Wii U

  2. Date: May 13, 2015
    Author: Maybelle

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