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American McGee: Plans For Alice in Otherland Kickstarter, Cosplay Contest, and More…

American McGee: Plans For Alice in Otherland Kickstarter, Cosplay Contest, and More...

Alice in Otherland, now known as Alice: Otherlands has been given a official Facebook page, concept art, and plans for a Kickstarter. American McGee has shared his opinions, and even spoken one on one with fans about the potential for a console version of the game. With so much to talks about, it's best to start with the Kickstarter. Although the plans are still being discussed, the Kickstarter has already had the tiers for donation rewards released. Here's what McGee had to say:

"The following are the proposed tiers for the Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter set to start roughly in July if all goes well with EA. We'd like to get your reaction to the reward structure. Each tier is nested meaning the tier below is available in the tier above, there will be no need to worry in buying a higher level tier - you will always receive the items below. You will. All digital items will be... provided DRM-free. Alice: Otherlands will have a single-player campaign which is what you will be purchasing at the $15 reward tier. Beyond this campaign, multiplayer will open; the currency available with additional tiers can be used for items in the multiplayer portion of the game. Mutliplayer will be purely optional. Keep in mind, NONE of this is set in stone. We're asking for feedback.

$5 - Access to Access to the closed forums during development and beta with unique avatar
$10 - Backer Kit of wallpapers, avatars, etc.
$12 - Early Bird (15,000) Digital backer-only Alice dress
$15 - Full copy of Single Player Game, Digital backer-only Alice dress
$25 - Digital Soundtrack, Digital backer-only Mad Hatter's Hat, $10 currency
$35 - Poster (no larger than 8 x 12), Digital backer-only Omega Necklace
$50 - Early Bird (25,000) digital art book, $25 currency, Access to Beta - entitles you to an invitation to beta; this is a progressive process and not every player will receive an invitation at the same time
$55 - Digital art book, $25 currency, Access to Beta - entitles you to an invitation to beta; this is a progressive process and not every player will receive an invitation at the same time
$75 - Early Bird (10,000) T-shirt, Digital backer-only Queen of Hearts Crown
$80 - T-shirt, Digital backer-only Queen of Hearts Crown
$100 - Unique in-game weapon, $50 currency
$135 - Early Bird (5000) Canvas Poster $150 - Canvas Poster
$225 - Limited Edition Box with physical game
$300 - Physical Art Book
$475 - Early Bird (1,000) Omega Necklace
$500 - Omega Necklace
$600 - Design an Ally for Alice (not required to be human)
$750 - Physical Vorpal Blade
$850 - Design an Alice "Personality" (Ex. I'm Alice's Sticky Red Anger of Tuesday Morning; I'm Alice's Masculine Blue Happiness of Winter Night (male)) $1500 - Skinned Tablet
$5000 - Dinner for one in SF (each additional person is an add-on of $500)
$10,000 - Trip to Shanghai
Higher pledges should contact Spicy Horse directly
Add-ons: Physical Art Book - $75 Limited Edition Physical Game - $75 Omega Necklace - $200"- American McGee via Facebook
So who has $10,000 bucks laying around? Talk about some awesome rewards! Designing an ally for Alice, or even a personality? That some serious stuff. As you all can see, American is still discussing the possibility for Alice: Otherlands with EA. The more signatures for the petition the better, and the more likes for the official facebook page the better. In other news, Amcerican revealed via facebook that there is an internation cosplay contest for all Alice cosplayers, with a potential appearance in an official Kickstarter video and a trip to Shanghai! See more info below.
"Calling all Alice cos-players! This is your once in a lifetime chance to truly be Alice. Spicy Horse Games is making a Kickstarter video for "Alice: Otherlands" and you could be selected to appear as Alice. Interested? Then get out your Vorpal Blade and follow these instructions:
* Send ONLY ONE image of yourself dressed as Alice - preferably in her "classic" blue and white dress.
* Image should capture your entire costume from black hair to boot heels.
* Image should be no larger than 2MB. Save in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
* Send via email to: contact (at) spicyhorse (dot) com
* Include name, age, country of origin, contact info and brief intro of yourself.
* All submissions due by 5/20/2013
* Must be able to travel to Shanghai, China during June 2013 for the video shoot (have a passport, be of legal age to travel, etc).
* Must be English speaking (able to read lines for the video). Please DO NOT do these things:
* Do not send other requests, applications for other work (art, sound, video, etc) or anything unrelated to this contest! If you aren't an actual Alice cos-player submitting for this contest, then limit your interaction with it to the comments on this post!
* Don't post your submission images to my Facebook page or send them to me via Facebook messaging.
* Don't send suggestions for people you think should win or be in the contest. Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in disqualification. NOTE: This contest DOES NOT mean the "Otherlands" project will definitely happen - we're still working on deal-making which could stall or fall through altogether."- American McGee via Facebook
So if you're an english speaking Alice cosplayer who can travel to China next month go submit your photos! American has posted some of his personal favorites (and some just plain hilarious) cosplay photos on the Alice: Otherlands facebook and his own page. He also reaffirmed that Alice: Otherlands will not be JUST for mobile, quoted below:
"Alice: Otherlands (or ANY game developed by Spicy Horse in the future) will NOT BE MOBILE ONLY. We have developed technology (atop Unity3D) which allows us to deliver to ALL platforms - PC,... Mac, Linux, iOS, Android AND consoles. On top of that, the technology allows real-time cross-platform and cross-device multi-player game play.

This means we can deliver a beautiful 3D game to your PC, Mac, Linux AND mobile, console devices - and you can play it wherever, whenever you want - against everyone else on anything else. You're on PC? Your friend is on an Android tablet? Great - you're in the same game AT THE SAME TIME - in real-time." -American McGee via Facebook

He also released a bit more information on how Alice will travel to otherlands, and the minds she'll visit.

"One of the core concepts behind the new game is that Alice will use her mastery over the physical and psychological worlds to enter into the minds of others - hence "Otherlands." Victorian London during the time when the game takes place (roughly 1876) was host to a long list of famous and infamous characters, all of whom become potential Otherlands for Alice's new adventures. Within their minds Alice will encounter psychological demons, emotional puzzles and other obstacles ...which she'll overcome by wits and blade... and with a little help from her Wonderland friends? Collected here are a sample of some of the more recognizable characters Alice might encounter. Now imagine the possibilities if Alice manages to cross the channel, find her way to Paris and bump into some of the surrealists! Fantastic adventures await... Of course it's not all about the recognizable characters. In fact, a lot of Alice's "work" will be geared towards tackling the sick and twisted minds that roam the dark alleys and haunt the sorts of places these famous faces wouldn't dare be seen.   Well, except Jack the Ripper, he'd be right at home.

Expect to see more concept artwork illustrating what these Otherlands might look like as 3D levels - coming soon."



So what do you guys think about the potential for an Alice in Otherland Kickstarter, the cosplay contest, the cross platform development, and anything else mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below! We'd love to hear your opinions.
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  1. DM Agony
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    Yes, yes, yes…a million times yes.

  2. Date: May 22, 2013
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    I’d love to play a third Alice but.. Online? On Phone? Enter Thomas Edison’s wonderland? In my opinion, Alice should be single-player like the previous games. I like the idea to enter other peoples mind but I don’t see why Alice should chase famous people and enter their wonderlands. It would make more sense if she instead helped or took revenge on people from the previous games. The insane children and the people at the Asylum, what about Pris?

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