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Top 5 Worst Vacation Spots in the Video Gaming World

Top 5 Worst Vacation Spots in the Video Gaming World

Want a great place to relax? To chill, to kick back and let go of your worries?  Do you want to leave your life of worries behind and enter into a new world of satisfaction and ease?  Then definitely do not list these vacation spots on your roster. These so-called "vacation-spots" are made for the biggest bad-asses around.  If you insist on heading to your doom,  you better pack more than a toothbrush, a towel, and an extra pair of underwear to survive.  Here are some tips for your brief sojourn into the unknown.


5) Rapture (Bioshock Series)-


That crucified guy...yeah, that could be you.

Rapture may seem like the perfect utopia at first glance.  It's done away with all the measly morals of everyday society.  Science and the mighty dollar reign free in this underwater society.  It would make for the perfect getaway, but there are a few caveats that must be considered. 1) You'd probably have to sneak into the city through a shipment of contraband.  2) Political unease is rampant.  3) The children you bring along on your trip or your temporary stay will most likely be kidnapped for experimentation.  4) The chances of being murdered for ADAM by crazed, maniacal, druggies is almost 100%.  Get Fontaine on your good side, though, and you'll be fine.

4)  Silent Hill (Silent Hill Series) -


Know yourself, before you enter here.

Silent Hill has everything a resort town needs: A beautiful island hotel, a fun amusement park that sports its own bunny mascot, and a smattering of fast food restaurants. To enjoy these distractions, however, the town residents recommend that you enter the town fully aware of your own personal demons. Otherwise, you may find yourself scouring your own disturbed mental landscape as it physically manifests itself right in front of you. But the inevitable four-legged mannequins, bobble-headed nurses, and stairways to Hell shouldn't be a problem for your right? Especially if you're armed with a shotgun, a bottle of Aglaophotis, and your own personal seal of Metatron.

3) Raccoon City (Resident Evil / Biohazard Series)

Our agents are not responsible for any undead bites you may incur within city limits.

Proceed past this sign with caution. Our travel agents are not responsible for any undead bites you may incur within city limits.

The Umbrella Corporation's main headquarters rests right in the center of this lovely mid western town. It'd make for the perfect vacation spot ; you could learn so much about the pharmaceutical world. But the giant spiders, rabid undead Dobermann pinschers, giant anaconda snakes,  booby-trapped hallways, and rat infested alleys may put a hamper on your educational experience.  Bring along a travel buddy that is a "master of unlocking" and keep some spots open in your inventory.  The city's magical wooden boxes will only get you so far.

2) Whispering Rock Summer Camp (Psychonauts)

Don't let their looks fool you.  These kids have some serious need for counseling.

Your children will never be the same...

Mental instability abounds at Whispering Rock Camp.  Sure, your children may get the best psychic training money can buy, but their psychological health will take an inevitable kick to the medulla oblongata.  When they run screaming into your open arms demanding to know who the milkman is, don't be surprised

1) Monkey Island (Monkey Island Series)

Monkey Fu

We recommend brushing up on your Monkey Fu!

Taking a journey to the faraway, nondescript, uncharted Monkey Island is an inevitable occurrence if you plan to become the #1 pirate of the seven seas, but it makes for a sore vacation spot indeed. Not only is it home to an annoying and fearsome group of cannibals, an evil pirate, a portal to Hell, and legions of three-head monkeys, it's also the permanent residence of one Herman Toothrot. The old crumb will badger you with incessant undecipherable riddles, all the while demanding that your retrieve his freaking' banana picker for him.  Better bring some large pockets!

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