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Alice in Otherland: American McGee Reveals New Concept Art

Alice in Otherland: American McGee Reveals New Concept Art

The Alice community has been quite active lately. With the petition "Make American McGee's Alice in Otherland a Reality" having already passed its initial goal of 10,000 signatures in under a year it seems that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Wonderland perhaps? We can't be sure yet, but in the past few weeks American McGee has begun releasing new Alice in Otherland concept art via Facebook much to the joy of his eager fans. Discussion of a Kickstarter campaign for Alice in Otherland has also been mentioned by McGee.

On April 18th American McGee posted the following:

" *If* we get to do a 3rd "Alice" game - which is still a very big if - I just realized something like this would make for the ultimate Kickstarter backer reward. This concept image was done years ago - at the start of Alice 2 production - ...and depicts my idea for the retail box I thought "Alice: Madness Returns" game should have sold in. That idea obviously didn't happen. But hey, yesterday's crushed dream is today's inspiration. Cheshire Cat head in a box with game on disc. Yes, please. Now, if we can figure out how to get these made without spending a billion dollars on them... Oh yeah, and make a game to put on that disc. Minor details. "



If that's not enough incentive to donate to a potential kickstarter, I don't know what is. Although Alice in Otherland may take years to reach our consoles it's taken American and his team no time at all to give us mesmerizing concept art. American was also interviewed by which he shared on his Facebook page. Although he had lots to say, his most interesting comment by far was this:

"With regards to our online and mobile efforts - I see these things dovetailing quite nicely. The first two Alice games focused on single-player because that's what made sense for the story (how exactly would multiple characters live inside Alice's head at the same time). For the new game concept we're exploring "Otherlands," meaning we're using Alice's powers to gain access other people's mental landscapes. That being the case, there's a way we can turn the adventure into something that allows co-op play and player created content to be presented in really interesting ways across multiple devices and platforms."-American McGee comments to


Here you can see some "Londerland" concept art.

With attention shifting to Alice more and more each day we've been given the oppourtunity to announce that the Alice in Otherland petition will be closing just after its one year anniversary August 24 2013, by then it's creators hope to have garnered at least 15,000 signatures in total. We here at Rebel Gaming have now taken up management of this petitions updates, so stay tuned for more news! Until then take a look at the rest of the amazing concept art, check out American's Facebook page and sign the petition.


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  1. Date: May 7, 2013
    Author: james

    sam I would like to say hello to another heavy resident evil fan but I don’t think the new alice should be multi-player.

    • SamIAm
      Date: May 8, 2013
      Author: samiam

      210 Points, 3 Comments, and 4 Articles.

      Hey haha! Glad to see another RE fan. Don’t worry too much, I’m giving a multiplayer experience a chance. As for single player, there will be a single player story mode, it has been confirmed so don’t worry too much!

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