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Next Xbox Will be Unveiled May 21st, Releasing November?

Next Xbox Will be Unveiled May 21st, Releasing November?

So, the moment finally approaches. After years of speculation, Microsoft have officially announced that the New Generation Xbox will get it's first showing on May 21st at 10 AM PDT. Previously it has been expected to have got it's first showing at the E3 Expo in June, but more recently it had been suggested it would be unveiled before the big show, and now we know for sure.

Back in February, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4, with a much hyped special event. Even the most ardent Sony fan would have to admit that the event didn't exactly set the world alight. Impressive as the footage was, they attracted criticism for not actually showing off the hardware itself, as well as a focus on things like social networking over gaming itself. Microsoft will no doubt have been keenly watching, and will hope to upstage their rival, even if rumors suggest that Sony's machine may have the upper hand technically.

The much anticipated event should hopefully clear up the many months of speculation and debate over the new machine. Various supposed 'leaks' have suggested that the machine would block used games, would require an internet connection at all times, and would not be backwards compatible. It's also expected they will be pushing a Next-Gen model of Kinect heavily with the new release.

The latest set of suggested specs comes from a blogger named Paul Thurrot, who's sources seem to have been accurate so far- he already correctly predicted the date of the event itself. According to Thurret, the machine will be Windows 8 based, and will include Windows style apps. He claims the machine will be Blu-ray based (scotching rumors of a disc-free system) and will not be backwards compatible. The new Xbox will apparently be available for $499 or $299 with an Xbox Live subscription, and will arrive November. Finally he suggests it will simply be called Xbox and that suggestions that it will be "always on" are true- but he insists it "isn't as draconian as many believe".

We don't have long to wait until we see how true this turns out to be. And you can be sure Rebel Gaming will be there! What do you think of those details? Is "always-on" a deal breaker for you?



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  1. DM Agony
    Date: April 28, 2013
    Author: DM Agony

    1770 Points, 28 Comments, and 17 Articles.

    Why can’t video game system companies make…I don’t know…video game systems! I don’t need all this interactive, social media poppycock added onto my device.

    Just let me play video games when I want and how I want and that is all I can ask. Looks like it’s still just you and me for now PC.

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