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DM Agony’s Top 10 Games

DM Agony's Top 10 Games

Hello, I am DM Agony and these are the top 10 games for me! I am so excited to be a part of the Rebel Gaming and am really looking forward to contributing and entertaining you readers. I thought the best way to get started here was to give you an idea of my background with gaming by showing you my top ten favorite games. In the future, I plan to get a little more specific in genres and systems, so this list is more of a broad showing of games that I like. Also, they aren't in any particular order, cause I'm abysmal at trying to determine which I like more.

Also just to let you know a little more about me, I do tend to focus on older gaming systems versus the newer systems. I still play modern games now and again, it is just that I find myself going back time and time again to older console or PC games. I couldn't really tell you why exactly I am drawn to it, I just seem to really enjoy the way the older games were written and the gameplay more. Though I would say the most current game that has my attention is Guild Wars 2. I do enjoy playing the sweet, sweet massive multiplayer online game or two.

My other big passion other then video games is the table top game Dungeons and Dragons. For those that came here from my previous blog, I almost exclusively talked about Dungeons and Dragons there. But here I'll be shifting to a more video game focus, though I still plan to talk about Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder here as well. I look forward to reviewing the new books as they come out and also giving you the Pathfinder monsters that I think are goofy or useless.  And follow me on Twitter, where I may or may not post tiny little snippets of my humor!

Duke Nukem 3D

This is my boomstick!

Duke Nukem 3D (PC)

Duke Nukem 3D. Man, that game is just pure nostalgia for me in a game form. And with all the more recent fan made mods out there, it certainly makes the game more playable for modern gamers. My family had a history with Duke Nukem at this point, as we had played the shareware original games on our old computer. But this game was completely different from any of the ones before it and my parents had no clue. My brothers and I used to spend the summers up at my grandparents ranch, and there was nothing to really do up there except go outside and swim in the pool.

Yet, one magical summer, my dad brought home from work Duke 3D. He gave it to us before we left and my brothers and I gleefully installed it on my grandfathers computer. We spent several weeks kicking ass and chewing gum...except we were all out of gum. And the best part (to our adolescent minds, at least) was the stripper levels! My god, we got to see horribly pixelated breasts bouncing on our screen for the first time and we loved it. The violence and horrible one liners just made this game a ton of fun to play and that is why it will always be one of my favorite games, even if it hasn't aged super well.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, up to Wrath of the Lich King (PC)

Oh World of Warcraft. We had some good times, didn't we? I still remember the day I finally got high enough level to go through the Dark Portal and saw a blasted alien landscape stretched before me. I remember hearing the call to go to Northrend and fight off Arthus' undead army. I remember going on raids and dungeon crawls. I remember before the group finder, where you would stand out in front of the dungeon you wanted to go through and patiently type out “LFG RC, DPS Hunter”.

But, like everything in life, cha-cha-cha-changes happened. Some for the better but also some for the worst. For me, the last straw was Cataclysm. Oh, I waited in line and added the Collectors edition to my existing collection. I loaded it up, and I made a Worgen and a Goblin and I checked out the new areas with my high level characters. And it was first. But slowly, over time I started to dislike it more and more...all the while logging in less and less. Finally, I could take it no longer and had to end my relationship with World of Warcraft. We still talk on facebook now and again, though my current beau Guild Wars 2 doesn't like it when I do.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney


Phoenix Wright: Attorney at Law (DS)

The Phoenix Wright games fill a weird little desire in my gaming schedule. They aren't really games, persay...really more like interactive books. Maybe my love of reading has something to do with my enjoyment of these games, but I own almost all of them and have played them over and over. So something is working there for me. I don't own a 3DS, so I'm silently cursing the world that the next games are going to be coming out for the 3DS only. And the Professor Layton crossover is also only going to be on the 3DS.

Sooooo...probably time to start selling plasma and organs so I can get myself a 3DS. Bonus, I'll have plenty of time to play my new 3DS while recovering in the hospital from aforementioned organ selling. Win/win situation all around! Except for my likely death. I guess that is more of a lose.

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past

Murderous chickens, man...murderous chickens...

Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past (SNES)

A lot of people like to reference the original Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System as their first introduction to Link and Hyrule. For myself, my parents didn't buy me a NES so I didn't really get to play it other then when my babysitter brought it over. And I do have some fond memories of plugging that gold cartridge into the system and going to town.

However, the first system that my brothers and I got on one glorious Christmas morn was the Super Nintendo Entertaining System. That SNES got so much playtime I'm amazed that it still works today. And one of the games we got for that system was Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. It blew our minds at how much fun it was. We traveled the length and breadth of Hyrule every day for years. We delved into dark, deep caves and climbed to the top of Death Mountain searching for more heart containers or other treasure that was to be had.

We had a princess to save and pieces of Triforce to wield. We did not stop until the evil Ganon was defeated and Hyrule restored to normal. I've played this game more times then I can count and have discovered pretty much every little thing you could possibly do in it. It is definitely my favorite out of all the Zelda games in the franchise, hands down.

Final Fantasy III

Kefka, you've done it again old boy!

Final Fantasy III (SNES)

I am addicted to Final Fantasy, much to my chagrin in recent years. But back in the days of the Super Nintendo...well, it still elicits a nostalgic sigh. I still remember being confused by the numbering of the games, and I only use the three here because that was the one I played when I was a kid and remember the most vividly. Though I do have it for the Playstation (in the Final Fantasy Anthology set) and for the Game Boy Advanced (Final Fantasy VI Advanced).

My biggest memory for this game though will always be on the Super Nintendo. My brothers and I loved this game and we would play it as much as we could, which unfortunately wasn't much cause we couldn't afford to own it. So we did the next best thing, we rented it from our local Blockbuster (damn I'm old). However, we would play it for two days and return it, only to check it out the next weekend to find our save files either deleted or we would get a different cartridge and not be able to pick up where we left off.

We were not daunted by this hurdle though. We overcame it the only way our little minds could. We got a sharpie and put a large X on the back of the cartridge we were playing. Then, every Friday we would have our parents take us to the Blockbuster and ask the clerk to give us the Final Fantasy III cartridge with the X on the back, as that was ours. Seriously. Weekend after weekend we did that until one fateful Friday where we went in and the game was gone. We never found out what happened to it, and I wouldn't beat the game until much later in life. But we always remember our brilliant plan and how well it worked.

Fire Emblem 1

Rock, paper, scissors...I mean sword, axe, spear.

Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advanced)

I'm not a huge fan of tactic games. Mostly because they start out really interesting, but after a while it gets pretty repetitive and boring. Fire Emblem would fall into that same category for me if not for the fact that they added a role playing element to the game. All the units you get have names and a back story. I don't care if a nameless soldier in advanced wars gets blown up by a tank, but I've reset Fire Emblem several times because a character I liked died.

I enjoy all the games in the Fire Emblem series, and I really wish they would bring over more of the Japan only games in the series. All the characters are engaging and interesting. The scripts are well written as well. The game play is a little stale, I mean the game is essentially an over-glorified “rock, paper, scissors” match. But still I find it enjoyable to pop in every once in a while and play through.


Come on down to Rapture and get spliced!

Bioshock (Xbox 360/PC)

Would you kindly keep reading my reviews? Would you kindly always check back and make sure you make me one of the highest viewed writers here?

Oh Bioshock. God. Damn. Bioshock. I don't even know where to start with the awesome of this game. Solid gameplay, check. Engaging story, check. Interesting characters, check. Well executed concept and theme, check. The game had an amazing twist that left me reeling. Not only that, but once you find out the twist, if you play it again you suddenly realize how pervasive and how early on in the game some of the plot twists begin. You also have to assume that this game really impressed me since it is the only game on this list from the current generation of console systems.

Professor Layton

I got 99 problems, but a puzzle ain't one.

Professor Layton (DS)

Professor Layton is one of those games that came out that feels that they read my mind and created it just for me. I love puzzles, brain teasers and riddles and that is all these games are. One after another of delightful exercises of logic. Many other games have tried this though and failed, and I think a large part of the series success it the charm of the characters. You have the Professor, the consummate gentleman and his apprentice, Luke, going about these towns solving puzzles for random people and discovering clues to a much larger mystery the whole while.

I own all of the Layton games, and alas this is another series making the progression to 3DS and I shall be left behind. As I mentioned before, the fact they are crossing this series over with the Ace Attorney series is just amazeballs. I always highly recommend this game to others, especially others who aren't particularly hard core gamers and like a more casual game.


Why must you taunt me Earthbound? Why?

Earthbound (SNES)

This is one of those games that came out and was a bit of an anomaly. While apparently being the second game in a series, American audiences didn't really know that. In fact, there have been sequels to this game that are still Japanese exclusive. So why this game made its way to the Super Nintendo System, I'll never know. I'm just glad that it did.  This game is one of the few Role Playing Games for the SNES that I've seen that takes place in modern times and not in a fantasy setting. Also, this is one of the few RPGs that I've seen that has no connection to either Squaresoft or Enix. But it arrived and left its mark on me and other fans. The story was pretty different from those like Final Fantasy or Illusion of Gaia, yet still as engaging and well-written. The modern day setting also helped set it apart from most other games of its type, while still maintaining some of the more standard elements in the game play.

The game is also known for one of the most insidious security tricks ever. People used to pirate cartridges back in the days of the SNES, and companies were always interested in protecting their license. So the developers for Earthbound put in several ways of the game checking to see if the cartridge was a real cartridge or not. The most painful and twisted check was at the very end of the game. You would start the fight with the last boss, and midway through the game would check for the security file. If it wasn't there, the game would immediately lock up. Okay, you might just shrug it off and reset the system. You saved before going to fight the boss, so it shouldn't be too hard to try again and hope that the glitch doesn't happen again.

That is when they stuck it to you. All of your save files on the cartridge would be wiped after you reset the system. So you would have to start the game all over if you wanted to try and beat it, only to have it freeze and wipe after reset again. Pure genius on their part, and certainly one of the most hardcore security measures I've ever seen on a game.

Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulh

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Gamecube)

I love the Cthulhu mythos. If you don't know what that is, you are probably more familiar with the concept then you think. Many horror movies, video games and books all draw from the works of the author H.P. Lovecraft. Stephen King is one of the more notable fans of his works. The movie The Thing is a very Lovecraft-inspired movie as well. Hell, even Metallica has a song about Cthulhu.

Essentially the idea behind the Cthulhu mythos is that ancient alien beings from beyond the stars inhabit our planet, slumber beneath the surface of the ocean or the frozen South Pole. Yet, if these creatures should arise, they would wipe out all life on our planet. And not out of any purpose, malice or evil. The key theme to Lovecraft's mythos is simply that the universe doesn't care that we exist. We are simply insects crawling on the surface of the planet and are not even noticeable.

Cthulhu mythos has been translated into video gaming several times and most times does not do very well. People blame a combination of reasons why it doesn't work, but suffice it to say that typically the games either aren't good in the gameplay area or they aren't good in the horror area. Eternal Darkness excels in all fronts. This game is an under-rated gem that came out on the Gamecube and was almost the sole reason I ended up getting one.

Why is it so good, you may ask? Everything, from the character development to the gameplay to the story theming and atmosphere was done excellently. The only thing I can really give them a negative on is the graphical limitations of the system it was released on. Every day I hope and give blood sacrifice to eldritch horrors so that this game gets a high def release. Or that the long awaited sequel finally gets made.

The key thing about this game that made it so awesome was definitely the sanity meter. Seriously, I can't rave about how awesome a job they did on that part of the game alone. Some of the things that happen to you in that game because of a lack of sanity is pure genius. I don't want to ruin any of the better ones, but some of the milder things would be blood oozing from the walls and (my favorite) a black silhouette of various insects crawling around your television screen. Oh yes, they went meta with several of the sanity effects and you will find yourself enjoying every terrifying second of it.

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